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[2001-08-05-WWS-Honjo Summer Festival 2001] Mr Pogo vs The Wolf (No Ring)


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No ring, just ten mattresses placed on the concrete in front of stage where some band are preparing for a later gig.  Disappointingly the Wolf isn’t someone dressed as a Wolf, in fact he looks nothing like one at all, wearing jeans, a T-shirt and a Lucha mask.  Wolf throws some karate kicks that are not very good.  There’s a young kid on a bike who looks completely befuddled by what’s going on as they fight their way through some of the stalls.  Pogo removes his boots to waffle the Wolf with before handing them off to a fan, choosing to wrestle the remainder of this barefoot.  The camera work isn’t great here.  Pogo starts running, presumably chasing after Wolf, bypassing a bunch of policemen as he does so.  Actually, I have no idea where Wolf is, perhaps Pogo just fancies a run?  Oh, he was trying to run away from him as Wolf is behind him.  There’s more walking and running going on than there is wrestling.  Pogo slams Wolf’s head into a car bonnet, the Wolf having removed his mask by this point.  The door to the house in which the car is park in front of gets opened, and if that is the owner’s car, heaven knows what she must be thinking, especially when Wolf climbs on the roof and jumps up and down on it.  Pogo slams the car door into Wolf’s leg and sets off on another jog.  He borrows a bicycle from someone and begins to ride that.  Unless Wolf grabs one he has no chance of keeping up with him.  Wolf does catch up with him, although ends up getting powerbombed in the doorway of an office block.  They do briefly enter the building before Pogo takes off on that bike again.  He stops off at a convenience store for some liquid refreshments, dowsing what he doesn’t finish over the Wolf.  Wolf runs off ahead, remembering to stop at a zebra crossing, Pogo in pursuit on his bike.  I’m at a loss as to what’s going on.  They enter a train station.  Maybe Pogo is going to throw him into an onrushing train?  Haha, he is!  Well at least he’s pretending that’s what he’s trying to do.  When that doesn’t work, Pogo runs back up the steps and out onto the main street, leaving Wolf, knowing full well that he’ll be following him.  Pogo gets on another bike and it’s like Wolf can’t be assed to chase him any more, begrudgingly doing so.  After all that travelling they return back to where they started, on those grotty mattresses.  Pogo blows fire at Wolf, who literally has to stand there and wait while Pogo is passed the lighter fluid and all the implements.  Two piledrivers on the mattress, Pogo lifting Wolf up off that mat at two both times, followed by a third on the concrete.  This time he shows mercy to his opponent letting the official count the three.

Some good old Indy sleeze!  Only in Japan and weirder than any Survival Tobita match.

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