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[2001-08-12-BattlARTS] Alexander Otsuka vs Takahiro Oba


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If first impressions are anything to go by, Oba doesn’t have a chance here.  Lots of scrambling.  Otsuka with an Anaconda roll into a crossface variation however they’re practically in the ropes and it’s an easy break for Oba.  Oba grabs a go behind and gets the takedown.  He’s trying for the armbar but Otsuka is doing an easy job of blocking it.  There’s more scrambling and this time Oba looks for an ankle lock, although Otsuka still doesn’t appear to be in much trouble.   He pulls him to the centre of the ring where they both battle over submissions.  Knee bar by Otsuka.  An Oba armbar forces Otsuka to go to the ropes for the first time.  Powerbomb, out of nowhere, into a heel hook.  Oba gets to his knees and as he does so, Otsuka dismissively kicks him in the face.  That fires Oba up who shows a fair bit of fighting spirit as the two trade slaps.  An open hander puts the youngster down and despite his heart he taps to a Kimura, Otsuka trapping his legs at the same time so there was nowhere for him to go.  Otsuka has some respectful parting words for Oba, leaving him to take the applause from the fans.

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