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[2001-09-25-Saitama Pro] Survival Tobita vs Ghost


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The last few times we’ve seen Tobita he’s been facing monsters out on the waste ground, here he’s back taking them on in that same function room that we saw last year.  Ghost appears to be doing an old woman gimmick, wearing a dress and carrying a bag of household objects, such as a carpet beater, a plunger, clothes pegs etc., that they use against Tobita.  They also seem more interested in trying to get Tobita to read some book rather than defeating him.  What book?  No idea.  Tobita, with pegs hanging from his ear lobes and nostrils, gets his face cling filmed at one point.  He eventually drops Ghost with a clothesline and disappears out the door, returning with a rubber baseball bat which he batters both Ghost and then the referee with.  Oh yeah, the classical music is back playing while all this is going on.  Tobita wins with a piledriver on the floor. 

As odd as my brief write up would indicate.

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