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[2001-10-20-BJW] Zandig & Van Hammer vs Jun Kasai & Wifebeater (Fluorescent Light Tubes & Barbed Wire Board Death Match)


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Van Hammer, in Big Japan, teaming with Zandig, in a Death Match, might be the most surreal thing of 2001.  The big question is will he take any bumps into the barbed wire or allow himself to be hit with a light tube?  Zandig gets busted open on the first shot of the match as he and Wifebeater simultaneously break a light tube over the other’s head.  Beater falls into his corner so he is able to tag Kasai who goes about working Zandig over.  Double flapjack.  Double clothesline and both Beater and Zandig go down.  Tag to Hammer, making his first foray into the match.  Considering he’s a vet at this point he looks so stilted and awkward.  Kasai ducks the clothesline and hits a floatover DDT.  He collects a bunch of light tubes but Hammer kicks him in the mid-section before he gets the chance to use them.  Modified Alabama slam onto the light tubes, Beater saving his partner by breaking a light tube over Hammer’s back.  Well that answers that question!  The action takes to the floor, Kasai landing a high plancha out onto everyone.  Zandig whips him into the merchandise table, which may add or subtract something from the price of the merch that’s now got Kasai’s blood all over it.  That slam onto the light tubes shredded him good and proper.  Some slight clipping in the broadcast and next thing we see is Beater and Hammer back in the ring.  Zandig powerbombs Beater through the barbed wire board.  Delayed superplex on Kasai, however Zandig holds on and sits him back on top for Hammer.  Delayed superplex by Hammer.  That was a cool spot.   Flying elbow but the bloodied Kasai somehow kicks out of the cover at two.  Beater returns and breaks a light tube over Zandig before positioning a bunch more between a couple of chairs.  Powerslam through the light tubes, this time Zandig kicking out of the cover at two.  Kasai is on the outside setting a barbed wire board between two tables, the only question now is who is going through it.  Hammer saves Zandig on the attempted double suplex and the pair suplex Beater and Kasai back into the ring from the apron.  The answer to question two was the Wifebeater, Zandig press slamming him through the barbed wire board.  Cobra clutch slam on Kasai.  Zandig places some light tubes on his chest and then comes off the top with a big splash onto them for the win.  Some good moments in here.

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