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[2001-10-27-BJW] Zandig & Van Hammer vs Madman Pondo & Wifebeater (Fluorescent Boards, Barbed Wire Boards & Thumbtacks)


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Van Hammer’s unlikely tour of Big Japan continues with another televised bout.  The light tube and barbed wire covered boards are already in the ring, one positioned upright in each unoccupied corner.  Zandig presses Beater over his head, which brings in Pondo with his Stop sign to make the save, however before he can do so, Hammer, who is moving in slow motion, is in and boots the sign into his face.  Hammer gets in on the Hardcore action, stapling a dollar bill to Pondo’s cheek and then another onto Wifebeater.  Ah, okay, this is clipped, the next thing we see being Beater getting powerbombed through the light tube covered board.  Zandig and Hammer double press slam Pondo off the stage into a mass of chairs.  Beater suplexes Zandig from the apron back into the ring and then side slams him onto the thumbtacks.  Alabama slam by Hammer on Beater.  Pondo charges Zandig, but a drop toe hold sees him go face first into the tacks, Hammer stomping on his head for good measure.  Zandig positions a couple of tables at ringside and places the barbed wire board onto them.  He’s about to powerbomb Beater from the ring, over the top rope and through it when he’s attacked from behind by Ruckus.  Beater lays Zandig across the barbed wire and Ruckus with a Swanton onto him from the top turnbuckle to the floor.  Pondo staples Hammer in the groin, some payback for earlier.  They set some light tubes between a couple of chairs and surely Hammer’s not taking the bump?  He is!  Double superplex through the light tubes for the win, Zandig unable to get there in time to make the save.  Hammer and Zandig exchange words post-match, Hammer pissed about something, whether that be the state of his back (which is an absolute bloody mess), Zandig not being there to help or being forced into this match in the first place.  Zandig tells him this is “C-Z-fucking-W” and that you’re either with us or against us, the rest of the CZW crew still in the ring at this point.  Hammer acts as if he’s going to accept Zandig’s hand, but pulls it away at the last minute.  Against them he is then!

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