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[1999-08-28-NJPW-Jingu Climax] Don Frye vs Scott Norton


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Don Frye looks like the lovechild of Brock Lesnar and Rick Rude. That is what a top tier wrestler should look like. His heel work looks a tad forced, but I can't argue with a man with a moustache as strong as his. Frye nails Norton down with a barrage of strikes to keep him grounded. This works until Norton powers up and starts an incredible comeback. When Norton starting no-selling Frye's headbutts, I thought I was seeing Norton being made into a star, much like Nakanishi earlier in the night. It's not to be as Frye is able to score a low blow when the referee is down and lock in a sleeper for a win, after caving in Norton's skull with some nasty punches. This was a fun hoss fight that hid both men's weaknesses and didn't outwear it's welcome. 


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