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[1999-08-28-NJPW-Jingu Climax] Shinya Hashimoto vs Masahiro Chono


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I didn't think this was that good, as Chono looked rather battered by this point in his career. Hashimoto saves this from total mediocrity with some great selling and the buckets of charisma he brings to the table. Truth be told, I'm not a fan of either guy and they had both seen better days by 1999. I liked the sequence at the start of the match where they tease nailing spinning wheel kicks and Hashimoto getting in Chono's head by doing squats after eating some nasty leg kicks was some king shit. The interference was welcome as I wasn't engaged in anything these two were doing, but the finish was crap and confusing. Don Frye gets on the apron as Chono locks in the STF. Hashimoto doesn't tap or pass out, but the referee rings the bell. Okay? This only went 15 minutes, but it still dragged. 


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