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[1998-03-10-CMLL] Shocker vs Black Warrior


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I'm on a bit of a Black Warrior high right now. He's been a standout in a bunch of the trios I've been watching from around this period (~'98-'01) so I was pretty hyped when I stumbled across a title match. I know the '96 match with Dandy is talked about often, but my memory of it is that it was way more of a Dandy match, where Warrior was sort of along for the ride against a guy who was having an awesome year. This felt like more of an even contribution and even if it probably wasn't a classic overall, I thought that first caida was borderline great. It had a little bit of flash, but it was more rugged, they captured the sense of struggle and the little fights over leverage ruled. There were a few moments as well where tempers nearly flared, Shocker giving Warrior a kick to the lower back after one stalemate. It was an excellent fall and maybe the best I've seen Shocker look on the mat. The segunda was over in about six seconds. I don't know if we missed any of it due to commercials but it was fleeting even by usual standards. The tercera didn't quite have the drama of your truly legendary title matches, but they built and paced it well and the dives were appropriately huge. Lucha title matches are just about my favourite thing in wrestling so it's always fun to run across a really good one you had no idea ever happened when dicking about on youtube one morning. 

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