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  1. KB8


    He was maybe my favourite wrestler in the world back in 2013-14. CMLL TV was tremendous for a while there so there was decent stuff basically every week. I don't think the Casas feud had the most satisfying payoff, at least not in comparison to the incredible build-up, but the 6/28/13 trios is an absolute scorcher and Rush is at the centre of it.
  2. KB8

    El Dandy

    Well that is very unfortunate. If they had an apuestas then I'll assume that's where the money is instead.
  3. KB8

    El Dandy

    See what I mean?? That's awesome because I didn't know if the Gonzalez singles match was out there. I may even hunt it down this very night!
  4. KB8

    El Dandy

    He was top 20 for me last time and he'll be right around there in 2026. A bunch of trios with him involved that I'd never seen before have popped up on YouTube over the last five years, and I imagine that'll be the case over the next five years as well (the lucha libre corner of YouTube really is a treasure trove that keeps on giving). He had a fairly short peak, but we have a better picture of what he was like now in those lean CMLL years of the mid-90s. The Llanes match from '94 was always praised and we now have some of the lead-in work to go with it, including an awesome trios match (that might've actually been out there before 2016, but I only saw it after the last vote). Random trios from '95 where he and Ray Gonzalez try to mutilate each other. More footage certainly doesn't dent his case, is what I'm saying. And even if that peak was short, holy shit what a peak it was.
  5. KB8

    Negro Casas

    Casas will probably be my #1 this time (up from #3 last time) and I want to do the week-to-week examination of him that Loss brings up in this thread. Not because I think I'll have much of anything to say about him that hasn't already, but because he's fucking awesome and that feels like a fun way to spend my time watching the pro-wrestling.
  6. KB8

    Rick Martel

    Thanks, NL. Agreed on those Strike Force/Islanders matches. I watched a bunch of them just before the 2016 vote and they pushed Martel into my top 40 (and pushed Tama onto my list). Since then I've watched a couple more, one of them being my favourite of the lot, so I'd expect him to do at least as well as he did last time.
  7. KB8

    Rick Martel

    What's the date on Martel/Zenk v Funks? I don't think I've seen that.
  8. KB8

    Ronda Rousey

    I'm admittedly a real low voter on those Sasha/Bayley matches (on Bayley in general, I guess), but I prefer Rousey/Charlotte to them as well. There are probably three, maybe four, Rousey matches I'd take over the Sasha/Bayley matches. Including Rousey/Sasha (which Sasha was awesome in, FWIW).
  9. KB8

    Mariko Yoshida

    I've favoured peak a little more than longevity from all the way back when the first GWE started and Yoshida's peak, even without yet having seen her most widely acclaimed match from that run, is one of my absolute favourite runs from any wrestler ever. I've only seen bits of her 90s AJW stuff, but she was really fun mixing it up with Kyoko in a few of the matches I watched a while back. Just a really fun underdog babyface. Then ARSION comes along and she's amazing. One of the all-time best at milking a near submission and making people genuinely buy her giving up to wrestlers several rungs down the ladder. Obviously her grappling is stellar and the more of it I watched the more she felt like a hybrid of Kiyoshi Tamura (the speed and explosiveness) and Trauma I (the inventiveness of her matwork without feeling like it was done for the sake of flashiness). I actually watched some mid-2000s Yoshida and, I think I mentioned it in the general 2026 thread, but even if she wasn't *as* awesome as she was in '98/'99 she was still excellent. The Yoshiko Tamura match ruled and she was hand-leading a Cheerleader Melissa who'd had about three months' experience and most of it wrestling in a fairground to a decent bout. There's also a match against Atsuko Emoto (whom I'd never heard of and had never seen before or since) from a 2007 Ibuki show that had some fantastic stuff in it, though unfortunately the version I saw only had 17 minutes of the 30 minutes they wrestled. I'm a stupid huge Yoshida fan and I'd like to do a full Complete & Accurate over the next five years just to see how high I can justify having her. As of right now it might be top 30.
  10. KB8

    Ronda Rousey

    She had maybe the best rookie year of any wrestler ever, and even if Dav'oh's suggestion about her matches being laid out to a tee is almost certainly correct, there was more than enough of what she actually did within the framework of those layouts to make me think she just "got it" straight out the gate. Like, she was just about the best in the company at selling limb damage - or just selling in general, maybe - and had lapped most other wrestlers with literally ten times or more the experience of actually doing this pro-wrestling nonsense that she had. Captured Big Match feel, had charisma for days, was awesome at suddenly ripping out submissions from nowhere during matches, etc. I don't think she gets on unless she has another run, but I loved that year we got and I don't think she's a totally batshit insane low-end choice.
  11. KB8

    Jaguar Yokota

    That Jaguar/Jackie Sato match from 12/16/80 is so great. Probably the match that sold me on deep diving 80s joshi in a more broad sense.
  12. KB8

    Koki Kitahara

    I'll probably vote for Kitahara this time and I want to go through Jetlag's list of stuff outside WAR/SWS. A vicious little bruiser who can take an otherwise fine midcard match and turn it into something awesome by losing the rag and trying to brutalise someone.
  13. KB8

    Buzz Sawyer

    That match with him and Rick Steiner v Koko Ware and Italian Stallion from the '86 Crockett Cup also ruled. I voted for him last time and he'll likely be higher this time.
  14. KB8

    2026 Ideas

    Starr is someone I'll consider for a lower end vote this time and that's largely because of the Puerto Rico footage, which I hadn't seen before the 2016 vote. Same for Abby, who I really wouldn't have even considered before but is someone I loved going through the Puerto Rico stuff. Invader 1 is an obvious lock. Boricua is also dead on about that footage bolstering already strong cases. Hansen was already my #1 in 2016, and even if he doesn't end up as that in 2026, seeing the Hansen/Colon feud has pretty much made him a top 5 candidate for life. Puerto Rico Terry Funk is also my favourite Terry Funk, and even if the PR stuff alone isn't responsible for this, it's a huge reason why he was somehow stupidly just outside my top 10 last time but will be a real #1 contender this time.
  15. KB8

    2026 Ideas

    His big kneedrop also looked absolutely badass, to be fair.