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[1998-11-28-BattlARTS-Battle Fiction] Alexander Otsuka & Mohammed Yone vs The Road Warriors (Animal Warrior & Hawk Warrior)


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With this match and a Great Sasuke vs Bob Backlund happening earlier in the night (the later match was sadly clipped to pieces though), this entire show feels like a massive fever dream. Otsuka and Yone are billed as the 'Love Warriors' for some reason. Yone comes out to Antonio Inoki's theme music and Otsuka comes out as some random guy singing his entrance music from the cheap seats. Bizarre scenes. The Road Warriors are massively washed up by 1998, and Hawk couldn't even be arsed to shave his hair into the famous double mohawk. Despite all this, they still feel like megastars as they powerwalk their way into the Ryogoku Sumo Hall, as Iron Man blares over the speakers.

With this only clocking in at 4:33, there isn't much to review. Otsuka nearly kills himself when he goes for a big somersault dive over the turnbuckle to the outside. Yone does a fantastic job at bumping around for the big powerhouses and they wrap this one up before either Road Warrior has the chance to get blown up. The crowd remain hot throughout the entire match and this felt like a big spectacle. I'm sure the inclusion of the Road Warriors shifted a few tickets and the match was a fun squash, so I can't complain at what I got here. 


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