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[1999-10-17-WWF No Mercy] The Godfather vs Mideon


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Godfather and his Hos are super over as a character, but not enough to keep the crowd invested for any match that goes over a few minutes. The audience starts to amuse themselves by chanting for puppies once Mideon takes control.

Speaking of Mideon, he really is the drizzling shits and he doesn't even have a good gimmick to lean back on. Viscera is in the corner of Mideon and he continously distracts Godfather by approaching his group of Hos and attacking Godfather when the referee is distracted. Viscera attempts to attack Godfather on the outside, but eats ring post instead. Godfather quickly enters the ring and hits the Ho Train for the victory. We didn't even get treated to a Pimp Drop. This was standard Attitude Era punch/kick action. Nothing fancy to be found here, but it was thankfully kept relatively short. 


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