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[1972-03-22-Joint Promotions] Johnny Kincaid vs. Peter Rann


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Excellent long TV main event. Kincaid has a bleach blonde head and Rann is almost fully grey and unassuming looking, so you know it's gonna rule. Plenty of nifty grappling throughout. Rann worked some almost jiu-jitsuesque transitions. I also loved his out of nowhere crowbar dropkicks. Kincaid ended up taking a big bump over the rope and Rann worked over his back and leg. Loved all the pin attempts. Rann got cute attacking Kincaid with some subtle heel tactics and Kincaid retaliated with headbutts and at one point threw a punch and did an almost Terry Funk like footwork routine. The match settled down a bit with more good wrestling. It was really the kind of bout where you could write a textbook on all the little things they did. I loved the way Rann sold Kincaids headbutts. There were a few points were Rann just grabbed an armlock and forced Kincaid down hard which ruled. Rann started playing dirty in the last round again which got the crowd pretty fired up again. There was an awesome moment where Kincaid was looking for the boston crab with the crowd being on fire, and then he catapulted Rann across the ring with Rann bumping on his head.

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