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[2004-07-23-ROH-Death Before Dishonor II] Jimmy Jacobs & John Walters & Matt Styker vs Generation Next (Austin Aries & Jack Evans & Roderick Strong)


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A yet another banger of a tag match featuring Generation Next. They did such a compelling job cutting the ring in half, so to say, here; really enjoyed their work over Stryker's leg - watching them execute their number on the bodypart with frequent tags & great teamwork was a joy. I thought that Jacobs' hot tag at first was a bit weak, but the Gen Next lads cut that shit off very quickly by utilizing their great teamwork to distract the ref & triple-team to gain the advantage back. Jimmy's FIP segment was really good with all three Gen Next members looking good dominating him - in particular Roddy looked really good in there almost ragdolling Jimmy around. Everything from Jacobs' hot tag afterwards is some chaotic, fun stuff too, even if it is a bit annoying that it mostly is with everyone involved fighting in the ring - this match had some great bits revolving around the ref getting distracted & the heels using that to their advantage, and that certainly made that said finishing stretch w/ all six men being in there feel extra silly, but as mentioned, it was still a fun & chaotic conclusion to the bout. Mark Nulty on commentary also covered for it really well with him explaining what-might-be the reasons for the ref to allow it happen, so a shout-out to him as well. ***1/2

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