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[1998-03-29-WWF-Wrestlemania XIV] Ken Shamrock vs The Rock


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Shamrock rushes the ring and they brawl all over the place. They get as much as their shit in as they can during the four minutes that this lasts. Rock just brains Shamrock with a chair shot, but it's not enough to keep him down. Rocky taps out to the ankle lock, but Shamrock doesn't release the hold and the decision is reversed. The Nation try to save Rock, but Shamrock fights them off and brawls with the officials as well. Faarooq comes down to the ring, but decides to let Rock suffer instead signalling the end of his time in the Nation Of Domination. Shamrock snapping will never not be entertaining, and this made both wrestlers look like total stars. This was more of an angle than a match. 


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