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[2002-01-04-CMLL] Black Tiger & Fuerza Guerrera & Rey Bucanero vs Atlantis & Negro Casas & Felino

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This was a decent match. Plenty of Felino and Fuerza took a lead role, which was nice. There was carnage in the third fall when the middle rope broke, and the rudos used it to choke Felino. The doctor called for a stretcher, but the rudos used that as a weapon as well. They finally carried the poor bugger out, only for the rudos to beat on him some more. Atlantis lost his mask, and Casas got a working over as well. Not content with leaving the tecnico team in tatters, Black Tiger wanted to dish out some more hurt after the bout. There's always that little piece of you that hopes this goes somewhere, but I've learned not to get my hopes up. 

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