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[2020-12-25-WWE-SmackDown] Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso

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This is the best of the three singles matches they've had against each other this year. The pre-match attack by Jey set the tone for Bryan to be the underdog in this match, and as everybody should know, that man sure can rock that role magnificently. That he did, and I also thought that Jey's performance working on top was rock-solid. He had some nice, nasty & vicious moments in there. There's also a few good bits where they tease the Bryan comeback, only for Jey to not let that happen, and it made the eventual moment when the big comeback actually started feel all the more better & bigger. The comeback was great, and I loved the leg-injury after Bryan dumped Jey outside -- brought some nice focus to Bryan's attack, and I in particular really liked him transitioning from the LeBell Lock to the half crab. The scrap on the mat which lead to the finish was also absolutely awesome. Just a really good match all around. ***1/2

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