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[2002-02-01-CMLL] Rey Bucanero & Tarzan Boy & Ultimo Guerrero vs Satanico & Atlantis & Shocker

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This was much better than the previous week's shenanigans. I swear to God, Shocker thinks he's The Rock. At least that's who I think he's modeling his tecnico act after. If you'd heading to a fight, you'd do worse than to bring Atlantis and Satanico with you. The old heads were excellent in this. I loved how Los Guerreros del Infierno made it clear that they still hate Satanico. Too often that type of thing is ignored in trios matches. Satanico was brilliant in the second fall. It was the best he'd looked in a long time. In fact, discounting the cage match, it was the best he'd looked on TV since 2000. The second fall was magic. It was one of those falls that just sing. The reaction Shocker got when the tecnicos won was the most exciting thing about this face turn thus far. I guess it was the first time to hear him get that sort of reaction from an Arena Mexico crowd. The tecnico section was pumped, and it felt like Shocker was the man of the moment. Of course there was bullshit in the third fall, but the crowd was so loud that it was passable. Borderline great match. 

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