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[2002-02-08-CMLL] Shocker vs Tarzan Boy

ohtani's jacket

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This was surprisingly clean -- no run-ins, no low blows, and no bullshit with the ref. Well, there was a foul, but it wasn't a match killer. The work was good, but it was mano a mano, so they were holding back a bit. The troubling thing was the lack of crowd heat. If it wasn't for the cheering sections, the crowd would have been dead. Dare I say it was too clean? This was one of Shocker's first singles matches as a tecnico, and he didn't really put his stamp on the match. Certainly not as much as he would have done as a rudo. Quite a stepdown from the previous week's trios match where it felt like Shocker had arrived. CMLL ran this match three weeks in a row instead of building to a match on their 3/17 pay-per-view, which strikes me as odd, but let's see where the rematch takes us. 

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