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[1963-03-15-Capitol Wrestling] Golden Moose Cholak vs Larry Chene


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I kind of loved this match. No knowledge of either guy going into this but it grabbed me from the start. Moose Cholak is a really intimidating presence. He towers over Chene, the referee and the ring announcer pre-match. Apparently he was only 6'4" but here he looks bigger than that. He dominates early on until Chene quite brilliantly ties Moose's shoelaces together while he's in a head scissors. He has a bit of success after, but Cholak is soon back in control and takes the first fall in dominant fashion. Chene comes back well in the second. The third fall is great, bloody and chaotic. At one point Cholak goes flying out of the ring. The crowd is really into it - you can see one guy a few rows back going mental when Chene is trying to piledrive/powerbomb/whatever it would've been Cholak. Shame about the draw finish. Very nice bout, one of the most compelling I've seen from pre-1970.

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