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  1. RingoPlaysDrums

    WWE TV 05/16 - 05/22 I have jinxed the Phoenix Suns

    I think there is massive interest but the prices are completely absurd. I know loads of people who were planning to go but have opted out due to ticket, travel and accommodation costs.
  2. RingoPlaysDrums

    All Elite Wrestling

    Per Sean Ross Sapp/Fightful: Grain of salt and all that but you'd think keeping MJF would be one of Khan's number one priorities.
  3. RingoPlaysDrums

    WWE TV 05/02 - 05/08 I miss Persia Pirotta

    Has there been recent talk that they are interested in Fatu and Hammerstone like they were Rok-C? You'd have thought both of them would've signed ages ago. Fatu because he's an Anoa'i family member. Hammerstone because... well, look at him. The fact that they haven't already signed is strange to me.
  4. RingoPlaysDrums

    AEW TV - April 20/22, 2022

    Nice video on Dustin/Punk from Joseph Montecillo!
  5. RingoPlaysDrums

    All Elite Wrestling

    I love Dan Lambert so much. His face when Scorpio and Page were on the microphone was brilliant. Really enjoyed that whole segment actually - laughed out loud a handful of times. Sammy & Tay should be a great heel duo.
  6. RingoPlaysDrums

    AEW TV - April 20/22, 2022

    Dustin/Punk was terrific. Expect the early going may have been a bit slow for some but I liked the way it gradually built to the finish. Dustin's starting to creek but he's still a master. Punk seemed to be absolutely made up that he got to wrestle Dustin. Post-match was great, what a treat. Nice stare down with Hangman. BCC stuff continues to deliver. Loving Yuta's new gear, it was needed. Moriarty's the obvious choice for the next BCC inductee so it was neat to see him in there (but I like the idea that they're keeping you guessing, as both Dante Martin and Brock Anderson could be candidates) but I'd like to see a more gradual build with him as he eventually proves himself worthy. Adam Cole interrupting the announcement was weird. Man ruins everything. Should really have just slotted that in as a taped promo later in the show. All Ishii on Friday. Jay White needs to be more a creepy loner than just one of the Bullet Club/Elite lads. Still, what they've announced is cool. Trying to fantasy book this PPV in my head but it's tricky. Do you do Okada/Danielson here? Punk/KENTA? Ibushi and Omega will be back healthy by then. Do you do something with those two together? So many possibilities! Dax vs. Cash. Ho. Ly. Shit.
  7. RingoPlaysDrums

    [2022-04-03-WWE-WrestleMania 38] Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

    So disappointing. I watched all of their previous matches in anticipation of this and found myself liking most of them more than I'd remembered (and Wrestlemania 31 remains a classic). I'd convinced myself that for this huge match they would at least try and do something different. Maybe something playing off their previous encounters, maybe Brock would do a couple of different moves to get across the magnitude of this match and emphasise his desperation attempt to remain as top dog... maybe some blood, which featured in both of their previous Wrestlemania matches. But we got none of that. The work is okay and the crowd was actually pretty into it... and yet it still felt so bland. I was surprised they didn't do go for more grandiose entrances as well. Between 2012 and like 2015, Brock matches were absolutely must watch. After that, he became a lot more predictable but would still have some absolute bangers. Those days seem to be long past us, unfortunately.
  8. Fun 6-man, this one. Another step in the Jumbo/Tenryu feud and the brief exchanges between the two are exciting. For me though, this stood out for two reasons: the performance of Isao Takagi and Great Kabuki repeatedly nailing Tenryu every change he gets. Takagi is in there quite a bit and at one point there's a commotion on the outside which results in Kabuki & Jumbo holding back the ref. When things settle down we see Takagi emerging, covered in blood. He continues to hang in there though, even when he's up against Tenryu, who may have been hurt by Kabuki attacking him and laying in stiff shots to his face over and over again. Kabuki's really fired up here. It's one of his more memorable performances. He seems to have a genuine grievance with Tenryu because he absolutely wallops him whenever he can. Tenryu eventually puts the bloody Takagi away but you definitely come out of this match thinking that Tenryu is vulnerable.
  9. I remember watching this at the time and really liking it whilst some were disappointed, particularly with the finish. Now that the yellow & black era of NXT is over I'm going through the Takeovers from the beginning. This one definitely held up. I remember somebody criticising it in a review for being two one sided and that's stuck with me, so I was struck by the extent of Zayn's comeback. He gets quite a bit in! The finish is so well done. GREAT idea to go this route. Got KO over huge as champion and keeps Zayn hot in his underdog babyface role. Great match.
  10. RingoPlaysDrums

    DDP Snakepit

    I'd had enough of Conrad's shows a couple of years ago and have barely touched one since but I've listened to a couple of these and found them enjoyable. The Dusty episode was good and the one about Jake's start in the business as well, even if I've heard much of the story before. Certainly found them more engaging than the shows with Prichard, Bischoff, JR, etc.
  11. RingoPlaysDrums

    WWE TV 04/04 - 04/10 VEER IS HERE

    Why holy shit? Hasn't this been coming? I haven't been following it too closely.
  12. RingoPlaysDrums

    WWE TV 04/04 - 04/10 VEER IS HERE

    Raw after Mania hasn't been much for a few years though, has it? This looks like a more eventful show than usual to me. Elias/Ezekiel, Veer debut, MVP turn, Cody promo, Edge and Priest's explanation, Bron winning the NXT title back. Very glad to hear Reigns hasn't had to relinquish his title. Not so glad that Elias has had to shave his beard.
  13. RingoPlaysDrums

    WWE Wrestlemania 38 the Mania of Wrestling

    He said it was in Rochester, NY I believe. Cagematch lists two matches against jobbers on TV in his early WWE career in Rochester. One vs. Mario Mancini on Superstars on November 19th 1990 and another vs. Bill Pierce on August 19th 1991. I'd imagine it's one of those two!
  14. RingoPlaysDrums

    WWE Wrestlemania 38 the Mania of Wrestling

    Had a blast again watching night two, although it wasn't quite on the level of night one. Very unlikely I'll carry on watching but for a modern Wrestlemania, they nailed it imo. Bloody good America the Beautiful performance. Hunter welcoming everyone to the show and leaving his boots in the ring was a really nice touch. Opener was just what you want. Really fun match to open the show with big spots for most of the participants. I was hoping Gable would get into it with Gable during the match so I was happy to see them interact after. Clearly in line for a huge push and with his accomplishments it's obvious why. Lashley worked hard and got something more than watchable out of Omos. Guessing that suplex is the most someone has been able to lift him so far. Don't think you physically can do a huge amount more with him. What can you say about Zayn/Knoxville? Completely bonkers. Bags of fun. Lots of silliness but pretty much everything worked. Happy for Sami. Big match/moment for him. Popped big for Sasha & Naomi winning the tag titles. Pretty fun match. Mixed feelings on AJ/Edge. There was some stuff I didn't like. A few occasions where it felt like they were trying to force a wrestling epic and not really succeeding. But then there were bits where it felt like I was watching some really great wrestling. Of all the matches on this weekend they probably had the highest expectations so for the most part I think they still delivered. Pretty incredible that a match like this is considered boring by some nowadays. This felt like it had a faster pace and more big spots than plenty of big beloved WWE matches from years gone by. But I guess times have changed. Glad to see Edge change his character up. I can't stand old babyface Rated R-Superstar Edge. Good new entrance and I was happy to see Priest joining the new stable. They look a good fit together. New Day/Sheamus & Ridge was the worst thing here but I liked the Big E tribute gear and they really do have a hell of a story there when Big E eventually does make his return. McAfee has to be the biggest babyface in the company. After Stone Cold anyway. The crowd was so behind him. Entrance was brilliant, match was great fun. Although I think I'd have had Austin come out a bit earlier. Vince mistook Theory's music for Austin's and kind of gave the game away but we knew it was coming at that point. Austin & Vince in the ring again. Great moment. Stunners all round, Vince may have just beaten his wife's record for worst stunner sell of all time. Austin & McAfee toasting and the shot of Pat on the floor drinking. Delightful. I decided to watch the previous Reigns/Lesnar matches before this. Ended up quite excited for it but it was pretty disappointing. Crowd was super into much of it but there wasn't really anything fresh or interesting about it. I was hoping they'd mix it up just a little bit with the huge billing and the fact that Brock's a babyface now. Very abrupt ending. Seems like there was an injury. Glad Reigns won.
  15. RingoPlaysDrums

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Caught up with Supercard of Honor. Damn good show that's definitely got me interested in ROH again. Highlight obviously being Briscoes/FTR. Just a fantastic tag team match that had it all. Blood, violence, smart tag team wrestling, jaw dropping spots, molten crowd. Match of the weekend for sure and definitely a MOTYC. Up there with the top tier AEW matches from the last few months. Jay Lethal's done almost nothing for me since signing with AEW but he had a great showing here. Good match with Moriarty and subsequent heel turn. I liked the Sonjay Dutt involvement with him calming down Lethal and then inevitably siding with him later on. JOE's return was just great. I want to see Punk/Joe again in ROH. Suzuki & Yuta winning their respective titles works for me. I'm not especially excited by Josh Woods & Rhett Titus. The matches didn't do much for me though. Mercedes/Willow wasn't very good. Mercedes Martinez is really cool but she's disappointed me a few times in recent matches. The match with Deonna Purrazzo should be better. Liking Tully's big boy stable. Glad to see Toa Liona getting a shot after impressing on Dark. He looks like he's lost quite a bit of weight but he's still massive. Ninja Mack is a lot of fun. I enjoyed him on Bloodsport too. Cage heading to ROH is a good call as he's been in limbo on AEW. Zayne/Swerve was a pretty enjoyable opener. The reverse hurricanrana was nuts. Ridiculous that it's just thrown out there halfway through a show opener. Crazy spot though. Here's my top 10 from this weekend so far: 1. The Briscoes vs. FTR, Supercard of Honor XV 2. Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair, Wrestlemania Saturday 3. Jon Moxley vs. Biff Busick, Bloodsport 4. Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes, Wrestlemania Saturday 5. Bandido vs. Mike Bailey, Mark Hitchcock Memorial Show 6. Kevin Owens vs. Steve Austin, Wrestlemania Saturday 7. Jonathan Gresham vs. Bandido, Supercard of Honor XV 8. Rey & Dominik Mysterio vs. The Miz & Logan Paul, Wrestlemania Saturday 9. Minoru Suzuki vs. Biff Busick, Mark Hitchcock Memorial Show 10. Lee Moriarty vs. Jay Lethal, Supercard of Honor XV