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  1. RingoPlaysDrums

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    I knew very little about Herb Abrams and thought the episode was a blast.
  2. RingoPlaysDrums

    Is TNA the worst wrestling promotion in history?

    Chad Gable's used it for a few years (I assume he still does - I don't think I've seen him doing anything for a while).
  3. Cesaro cut a passionate promo before the match accusing Kofi of taking his title, his dignity and his identity. He’s pretty fired up. Cole even referenced the fact that he didn’t yodel on his way to the ring because tonight is all about business. Kofi’s initial strategy was a little curious. Rather than try to avoid Cesaro’s grip and hit him quick with his high speed offense, he chose to try and match the stronger man and wear him down from behind. Eventually it actually looks to pay off as Kofi scores a nice armdrag and focuses on Cesaro’s arm. Fast forward a little and Kofi is happily running the ropes but Cesaro catches him in mid air and throws him down like a rag doll. Cesaro is so great in this match. He’s really aggressive but intelligent too. A heel that combines power and intelligence is a daunting prospect. Kofi does his usual stuff but the crowd is even more into it than usual because Cesaro is doing such a good job at beating Kofi down in a convincing way and so his comebacks feel like a bigger deal. At one point Kofi hits the boom drop and is about to go for Trouble In Paradise but Cesaro rolls under the ropes, hooks Kofi’s leg over the middle rope and pulls his throat down over the top rope. He also manages to lift Kofi all the way off the apron whilst standing on the turnbuckle to deliver a superplex. He catches Kofi 3 times over the course of a few minutes (off the ropes, to the outside, off the top) showing that he’s got quick reactions to go with his brute strength and power but Kofi has a counter for everything. Cesaro hits Kofi with a brutal uppercut before simply JUMPING TWO FOOTED ONTO HIS RIGHT LEG and then follows it up with a boston crab. Ruthless. Kofi escapes but rather than move onto something else Cesaro is committed to making him submit, focusing on catching the leg and returning to the crab with the help of an airplane spin. Kofi reaches the ropes but Cesaro shows his awareness here too by attempting to grab Kofi’s arm. All of these little touches serve a purpose of course – they show that Cesaro is a legitimate threat to Kofi’s title. Finish comes when Kofi reverses a Neutralizer attempt, Cesaro just runs right at him, Kofi ducks and hits a TIP to the back of Cesaro’s head. As JBL said, “Kofi just had one shot and he hit it”. Crowd was really into it, Cesaro got over how much the title meant to him, the little touches made him look like an invincible foe and even Cole & JBL were excited here. After the match, Cesaro attacks Kofi backstage, squashes him under a big trunk and rips off one of his dreadlocks! Likely Kofi's best singles match up until last year's Wrestlemania.
  4. Two of the hottest acts of the last few years in WWE facing off. I remembered this being a really entertaining sprint and it is pretty good. The focus of the match is Woods and Wyatt, Woods becoming completely entranced every time Bray makes eye contact with him. Bray's been involved in a lot of silly supernatural stuff that really didn't work but it does here and it's a pretty great moment when Woods snaps out of it and attacks him with flailing fists. Also notable that it's Rowan and Strowman with Bray here - no Harper, who for most of the earlier Wyatt Family 6-man tags would be the worker of the group. Early days for Strowman who still looks a bit green at a couple of points but he has an energy and athleticism here that he unfortunately seems to have lost over the years with the injuries and general wear and tear that his body has endured.
  5. After Zayn cost Owens the IC title at Mania, they had a match at Payback and then this here is the last time they wrestle for a while. They had just had the draft for the second brand split that week and I remember people being surprised that they'd both been drafted to Raw. Zayn picks up the win here but their careers would soon take quite different paths on Raw. KO would be Universal Champion within a couple of months where as Zayn seemed to be forgotten about a bit as I recall. This match is really popular. It's the 3rd highest rated WWE match of 2016 on cagematch, 13th overall. At the time I think I ended up watching it twice because it really didn't click with me the first time and while I thought it was good I didn't really love it to the same extent as others. These guys know each other so well and are meant to hate each other but it takes a while to really get going for me. It's Zayn's botched springboard moonsault that ends up leading to the best aspect of the match - Zayn's selling of his shoulder. I've seen it suggested that the "botch" was intentional but I'm not sure about that. It's terrifying when he bounces up vertically and you realise he's going to come down on his head. It could've been a lot worse. The final third of the match is really good stuff but I wasn't completely wowed like some. The double exploder suplex spot was very well received by the live crowd and perhaps it didn't do as much for me because I've seen that kind of thing in Japanese matches a lot, idk. A real good match that I still don't see as a genuinely great one. Still, it was great to see Owens and Zayn take their friendship/rivalry all the way to the WWE and get to put on a show stealing match on PPV. This was the pinnacle of their feud in terms of spotlight.
  6. They didn't call it that last night, thankfully.
  7. Haven't bothered with NXT for a while but I thought I'd give this one a go because it looked so stacked with the debuts, other new talent and Balor/Dream main. Shame we didn't get Balor/Dream in the end but the show was solid otherwise. Matches were enjoyable. The decision to push Maverick's story is really strange but I assume there is something else going on here. EHDF almost getting abducted was intriguing. No one else seems to like him but I rather enjoy Damien Priest and his deep voice and his sunglasses.
  8. RingoPlaysDrums

    AEW Dynamite - April 22, 2020

    He faced PAC at Revolution in February but hadn't had a singles match on Dynamite until last night. Show was pretty good. Worth watching for Jericho and Tony on commentary alone tbh. Sammy/Darby was a blast once again. I liked the call back to their Revolution match. That splash onto the ladder was absolutely disgusting. Kenny's match was far too competitive for me but I guess that's Omega's whole thing now. The OC/Havoc match was a little odd with Havoc having so much offence. Havoc biting Cassidy's hands and putting them into his pockets was great though. Wardlow looked impressive and Jericho did a good job selling it. The backstory for Preston Vance (favourite for the Heisman Trophy, aspiring model, career ended through injury) is a good one. Brodie Lee's squash was solid with that brutal finish but I'm not really a fan of his ring gear. Brodie/Stunt could be a lot of fun though. Loved the Bubbly Bunch with Jericho getting pissed off and throwing the hand sanitiser at the phone. Main was good with the right man winning.
  9. These multi-person Ladder matches in WWE usually deliver but with there being so many of them now I find I often forget which is which - and many of them lack that one thing that really makes them stand out. An example of one that DOES stand out to me is the first Money in the Bank ladder match from 2013 that Sandow won by betraying Cody. People usually like them when they happen but they don't tend to get talked about for very long. Which is a bit of a shame considering what these guys often put their bodies through in these and the reactions they get from people at the time. I think back to what ladder matches of the past did for the legacies of say, Jeff Hardy or Shelton Benjamin. Anyway this is one that actually does stand out for a couple of reasons. First, it felt fresh. As far as I know it's the only WWE ladder match appearance for any of the guys in the match and for Burch & Lorcan and the Forgotten Sons particularly, remains their highest profile match to date. But the biggest stand out here? "Oh yeah, this is the one where Kyle O'Reilly dies over and over again".
  10. RingoPlaysDrums

    [1989-07-24-UWF] Masakatsu Funaki vs Tatsuo Nakano

    I'm familiar with Funaki as the co-founder of Pancrase alongside MInoru Suzuki, I remember his feud with Yuji Nagata in New Japan and he had quite substantial runs with All Japan and Wrestle-1 in recent years too. But I don't think I've seen too many of his matches. I knew nothing of Tatsuo Nakano when I watched this. Here he is the established UWF veteran, having competed for the original UWF in the mid-80s, and he's treated like the hometown boy by the crowd. They absolutely love him. That said, he's surely the clear underdog here against Funaki. They beat the piss out of each other early on and the crowd is molten. The aggression is off the charts. Slaps, fists, kicks, stomps. But it's Nakano who comes off worse from the opening exchanges and he may have a broken nose as blood pours down his face. They tease ending things early but the doctor gives the all clear and Nakano lifts his fist to a huge roar from the crowd. He makes a comeback with, amongst other things, some sick looking roundhouse kicks. Funaki tries to get back to his feet at one point but his legs buckle and he falls down again. It's top class selling. Or at least I assume he's selling. Funaki does a sort of flipping Alabama Slam on Nakano towards the end which looks strange but cool. Nakano comes close to pulling off the win but can't quite manage it and Funaki wins with a Boston Crab. This all clocks in at under 10 minutes. Crazy little war and I fancy seeing more Tatsuo Nakano matches.
  11. This thing was fucking wild. I can't recall having ever seen Kurisu or Dragon Master/Sakurada before so I wasn't sure if they were even the guys in this match at the start. They come down to the ring in street clothes and Onita just flies out of the ring and takes them both out with a crazy tope and I didn't know what was going on. Dragon Master just starts absolutely walloping Onita with chairs, some of the hardest chairshots I've ever seen, as Onita climbs over rows of seats (and members of the public) to try and get away. It doesn't seem as though Dragon Master cares if he takes out an audience member or two as he swings the chair. Goto starts getting pelted as well. Just sick thud after sick thug. All four guys are bleeding after about 5 minutes and that's when the Texas Death match rules start to come into play with the pin for a 3 count followed by a 10 count. They play at tagging in and out like a normal tag match for a bit but that's never on the cards and it's not long before it breaks down again. Kurisu takes off his cowboy boot and starts leathering Onita. Onita takes off his belt and starts leathering everyone. There's a handful of wrestling moves alongside the brawling. A couple of DDTs. A couple of brutal powerbombs. After about 10 minutes Onita hits another powerbomb on Kurisu and he can't get to his feet before the 10 count and it's all over. This whole thing felt like four guys had got into a fight in the bar and decided to settle it in the ring. Crazy Southern US-esque brawl.
  12. RingoPlaysDrums

    [1983-06-17-WCCW] Harley Race vs Kevin Von Erich

    Throwing your opponent over the top rope is legal here. If Race is disqualified he loses the belt. Harley Race looks like such a boss as he makes his entrance. Kevin has some early success and the crowd goes wild. I love the energy Kevin von Erich puts into everything he does. Race sells a lot for Kevin. The champion manages to turn the tables when he throws Kevin through the ropes. Kevin bounces off a table and hits the floor, injuring his arm. When he gets back in the ring he does his best to make a comeback but he keeps going back to the injured arm and Race begins to target it. Kevin decides to put the hand of his injured left arm down his tights in a kind of make-shift sling which looks a bit strange. One armed Kevin sells great here and makes a series of fiery comebacks but Race keeps cutting him off. As Race comes off the turnbuckle Kevin catches him in the Iron Claw with his good arm but Race is able to escape, throwing Kevin through the ropes onto his bad arm once again. Then David von Erich comes out and tries to get his brother to call it quits and live to fight another day but he's not having any of it. Harley kicks David in the head and David fights back, causing the DQ. David shouts "you couldn't even beat Kevin with one arm!" and says he's next, promising to quit wrestling if he can't beat Harley. Really hot match with a great performance from Kevin.
  13. This is from a big outdoor show at the Dallas Cotton Bowl. The crowd looks absolutely vast even with large empty sections but apparently it was only around 26,000. There must have been no one on the side of the hard camera. This is a huge stadium. The screams for the von Erichs are deafening as you'd expect. There's lumberjacks around the ring and the ring announcer says there's not enough time to announce all of them but he does give special mention to Fritz's "nephew" Lance, who shakes hands with the two real von Erichs in the ring. This was amusing given I'd just seen the von Erichs episode of Dark Side of the Ring where they touch on the misstep that was the Lance von Erich push. David Manning is the special referee which the heels aren't happy about but everyone else seems to think it'll be just fine. Bill Mercer points out that the lumberjacks are there to stop the losers from getting away rather than to throw the wrestlers back in the ring. This match is definitely aided by the great crowd and the lumberjacks shouting and beating on the mat. It lasts about 10 minutes and the work is frenetic and chaotic. It gets across the idea that both teams desperately want to get the win here as soon as possible. Kevin particularly looks determined as he jumps around trying to get to Hernandez and Adams. The von Erichs get the win as Kevin dodges some powder and partner hits partner with Kerry rolling up Adams for the win. Adams gets his haircut first but Gino is the bigger deal and the lumberjacks carry him into the ring. He managed to break free and almost escapes but young Chris von Erich tackles him to much fanfare. Hernandez gets his head shaved and everyone's loving it. As he runs off there's a commotion at ring side and I spotted a man in a cowboy hat, who may or may not have been a wrestler, giving a fan a right old whack. Good fun.
  14. RingoPlaysDrums

    WrestleMania 36

    Firefly Fun House. My God. It obviously was not a wrestling match but it was absolutely brilliant. An "acid trip" style production was exactly what I had envisioned but this was better than anything I could have hoped for. One of the best things WWE has produced in years. Ruthless Aggression. Doctor of Thuganomics. The SNME and Nitro bits. Macho Mercy. The Johnny Largemeat/Hulk Hogan reference with the 80s aesthetic, and then later on the references to Cena finally turning heel Hollywood Hogan-style. Bray singing the Bella's theme. Actually Wyatt had quite a few good lines in this - a few with double meanings. I liked Bray shrugging off Cena's first rhyming put down, then acknowledging the Husky Harris line but still not really being affected and then taking the bait when Cena brought up chances and not taking them. That little flashback sequence to all Cena's big moments (including the CM Punk kiss!) Wyatt giving Cena the chance to "put right" what he didn't do 6 years previous... which he does. And the Fiend prevails. Whether or not Cena will actually be heel moving forward I don't know but it definitely feels like the ballsiest character development he's undergone in years. There was so much here to unpack, I'll have to watch it again and see what I've missed. I really didn't think WWE were capable of storytelling this creative. I'm keen to find out who was involved in putting this together. Miles more entertaining than an actual Cena/Wyatt in-ring match would have ever been.
  15. RingoPlaysDrums

    Best of the Decade 2010s

    I'd argue 2012 is when things really started to pick up. 2011 was stronger than 2010, no doubt, but in 2012 you had a number of high end matches that were better than almost anything from the previous two years imo. Brock's return and Bryan's push into a more prominent position probably had a lot to do with that. And then at the end of the year the Shield debuted and the rest is history. 2013-2016 especially were really strong in-ring years for WWE for me.