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  1. RingoPlaysDrums

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Call talent up to the main roster from NXT, see if Vince takes a liking, release them if not. Leaving them with 90 day no compete clauses rather than 30.
  2. RingoPlaysDrums

    AEW Dynamite - October 6, 2021

    Worth noting that the Dynamite after Full Gear is in Page's home state of Virginia. Personally I don't really see the issue with Page dethroning Omega before Danielson and Omega have their rematch.
  3. RingoPlaysDrums

    AEW Dynamite - Sept 29 2021

    Hopefully Page. I feel like Full Gear could be the right time, although I wouldn't necessarily object to it being strung out until Revolution. Either way, damn good Dynamite. Guevara's win felt a bit sudden but he deserves some shine and I expect Miro will continue to look dominant.
  4. RingoPlaysDrums

    WWE TV 04/26 - 05/02 Roman Reigns fans are the smartest in the world

    Love Roman's new entrance. Song reminds me of the Succession theme, at the beginning anyway. Makes sense given that show is about seizing control over a family dynasty.
  5. RingoPlaysDrums

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Well, Samoa Joe on the other hand...
  6. RingoPlaysDrums

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Billie Kay's a surprise. Doesn't feel deserved at all. Guess that would be Johnny Ace's influence. Chelsea Green had some bad luck with injuries. The others? Probably overdue because they haven't done anything in ages.
  7. RingoPlaysDrums

    WWE Network... It's Here

    It was fantastic. I love listening to these two talk about wrestling. This format is especially great because you get to see them watching footage and commenting on it. I love Austin's enthusiasm when he shows his interviewee the clips. There's a bonus clip on the YouTube channel where Jericho is talking about Eddie. Calls him one of the greatest all rounders ever and mentions a great little tag match he had with him against the Faces of Fear on Nitro in 1997. Neat because that was one of a handful of Faces of Fear TV matches I remember really liking when I watched '97 Nitro.
  8. I didn't watch the show but I did listen to the Post-Wrestling podcast review of it and wow, the finish to the Rose & Brooke/Jax & Baszler match sounds like an all timer.
  9. RingoPlaysDrums

    Wrestlemania 37

    It was especially bad during some of the entrances because the pirate ship was so tall that you couldn't see the fireworks going off behind it so they kept cutting to a different angle that took in the fireworks and then back to the wrestler ridiculously quickly so that you couldn't take anything in. Edge stood out as being an impressive entrance that was almost entirely ruined by like 10 camera cuts in half as many seconds. I hate the CGI too but I don't think it's *TOO* bad for some entrances. Roman Reigns' with the big Roman statue thing kind of works. Most of it only serves to detract from the live action visuals which are one of the obvious things that WWE has going for it. I just have no idea who it's for. They must be convinced that young people or kids like it? I don't know. It's shit.
  10. This started super hot and didn't let up for it's duration. Pretty much nonstop action for almost 22 minutes and the crowd was as into this as anything else on either night. Edge got rid of Jey Uso for the majority of the match with an edgecution on the steps which looked sufficiently devastating. The double spears cancelling each other out was an obvious but necessary spot and they pulled it off well. Bryan had his moments with the kicks, double flying headbutts and yes lock. The "grabbing the hand to stop one wrestler submit" spot is usually a bit dumb but this was a bit better because Reigns had the chair leg in his mouth and Bryan quickly used his arm to lock in his move rather than just holding his arm and making a silly face for too long. Bryan took a couple of big bumps from Reigns - the suplex on the outside and the powerbomb through the table - before Reigns himself took a spear off the steps from Edge. Chairshots in modern WWE are probably better when the wrestler is lying on the mat because it's less obvious that they are positioning themselves to take it safely. All the stuff with the conchairtos is all the more impactful when you remind yourself of Bryan and Edge's history. The finish is memorable too, as Reigns capitalises on Uso's interference to finish off Edge and pin both opponents at once which leaves him looking very strong. I'd quite like to rewatch this alongside the triple threat main events from 20 and 30 to see how it measures up but I thought it was a very good showing.
  11. RingoPlaysDrums

    [2021-04-10-WWE-WrestleMania 37] Cesaro vs Seth Rollins

    Good stuff here with a particularly strong last few minutes. Cesaro busting out that UFO move was a great moment. So impressive, including the way he got out the way when he let go of Seth. As was the curb stomp into the uppercut which was somewhat reminiscent of the stomp/RKO at 31. People can't count swing rotations can they. I think this could've done with a few more minutes. It was memorable enough though and felt like a big, well deserved victory for Cesaro.
  12. I thought this was great and it was my favourite match from either night. Probably my second favourite when you take into account the Takeovers as well. Sasha was great as usual and put Bianca over huge. There were a number of creative, memorable spots which showcased Belair's strength and athletic ability. The gorilla press slam walk, the standing SSP, the 450 attempts and the delayed vertical suplex spot. Then of course you had the great work around Belair's hair and the fantastic pay off with the whip in what has to be one of the spots of the year. For me this delivered in spades when expectations were high and it was a genuinely satisfying Wrestlemania main event - something which has become increasingly rare in recent years. Unfortunately the first women's main event, the triple threat at 35, isn't particularly well remembered for a number of reasons. This one was everything that should've been. Great match that ticked all the boxes.
  13. RingoPlaysDrums

    Wrestlemania 37

    What I would've done is switch Orton/Fiend and Ripley/Asuka. And given Ripley/Asuka like 5 or so minutes from the women's tag. I'm sure the crowd would've been more into it and it would've got the show off to a much stronger start. Also some nice symmetry with the men's and women's title matches bookending both shows.
  14. I thought this was really good and both guys worked their asses off. Perhaps a little too long as I thought they briefly lost their way on a couple of occasions late on but it was still an excellent battle. Drew's big dive was the first big holy shit moment of the night. Drew did look like an idiot getting distracted by MVP on the claymore attempt. Lashley retaining was a welcome surprise. I think he deserves more than a short transitional reign just so Drew can have his coronation in front of an audience.
  15. Everything it needed to be. I don't care if Omos won't have much staying power in modern WWE. He's been booked great so far and I've loved it. He looked fantastic throwing Woods & Kofi around. AJ hitting that phenomenal forearm off of Omos's shoulders was nuts. I loved AJ calling for the one foot cover with such confidence. Nice visual post match.