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[2019-09-22-PWG Battle Of Los Angeles - Day 3] Bandido vs Dragon Lee

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I'm a bit confused why Dave Meltzer went five stars on this. I am well aware that it's just one man's opinion, but still. What we got here was an enjoyable 11-minute spotfest and nothing more. Dragon Lee's forearms look weak as hell and there's little to no selling to be found here. It's just a showcase of high spots. Some of those high spots are jaw-dropping, with Bandido usually pulling off the coolest moves. His rebound belly-to-back suplex is a sight to behold. Then there are spots like the Avalanche Blockbuster, in which the awkward and fake-looking set-up isn't worth the final result. If you want to watch a spotfest that doesn't outwear it's welcome, then there are worse matches to go with than this. ★★★

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