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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired February 1, 1992

Memorial Auditorium, Greenville, SC

  1. Robert Gibson vs Killer Kyle 
  2. INT: Bobby & Jackie Fulton 
  3. INT: Bob Armstrong - is going to do his job as commissioner and is going to bring back wrestling as it used to be and as it should be.  Says that there’ll be no throwing people over the top rope, no foreign objects and no pushing around of the officials .
  4. Brian Lee vs Barry Horowitz
  5. INT: Ron Wright - he’s scouting the wrestlers in Smoky Mountain to hopefully find some that he can manage, get under contract and make him some money so that he can get the hip and knee surgery that he requires to get him up and out of this wheelchair.
  6. Tim Horner vs Joe Cazana 
  7. INT: Jim Cornette - the big promotions have turned wrestling into a circus and a sideshow, it’s now whether you want to wear a funny costume, it’s whether you can sell a doll at Toys ‘R’ Us and it’s how juiced up on steroids you are.  They have turned their back on professional wrestling, so he has turned his back on them.  He made his reputation managing the greatest tag team in wrestling, the Midnight Express, and in the weeks to come he’ll be bringing a team to Smoky Mountain that’ll revolutionize tag team wrestling just like they did, because this is the real deal, it ain’t no cartoon wrestling and Jim Cornette will be King of the Hill.
  8. Black Scorpion vs Paul Miller - Miller small packages him for the win. 
  9. INT: Brian Lee - he’s interrupted by Dutch Mantel who tries to give Lee some tips, but Lee isn’t receptive to them.
  10. Ivan Koloff vs Bobby Fulton - Ron Wright wheels himself down to ringside during the match.  Towards the end of it he shakes Koloff’s hand, but appears to pass him a foreign object at the same time.  Koloff nails Fulton and covers him for the three count.  Jackie Fulton runs to ringside to tell the official what happened, who spots the object on the canvas and then reverses the decision.  Vladimir Koloff then comes out and he and Ivan proceed to beat on Jackie and hang him with their Russian chain over the top rope.  The commentators speculate whether Wright did hand Koloff something or not.
  11. INT: Bobby & Jackie Fulton & Bob Armstrong - Armstrong says that he told people foreign objects would not be tolerated and fines Ivan Koloff $500, and that if the Koloff’s want to fight each other’s battles he’ll sign them to a match against the Fantastics next week.  Bobby Fulton says that ‘the goof in a wheelchair’ handed Ivan something and his brother saw it.

Bold matches are PWO recommended.

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