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Continental Wrestling Association


Aired February 9, 1980 (Louisville Feed)

  1. Ken Lucas vs Jerry Ralph
  2. INT: Bill Dundee, Rick Gibson
  3. Rick Gibson vs Tony Eaton
  4. Jimmy Valiant (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs Robert Gibson - after Valiant started attacking the already bloodied up Gibson with Hart’s cane, Rick Gibson comes out for the save and attacks Hart and Valiant.
  5. INT: The Assassins - as there has been controversy about them supposedly putting foreign objects in their masks, they are going to demonstrate how hard their heads are by breaking boards with them.  They then decide to do this after their upcoming match.
  6. The Assassins vs Steve Regal & Rick Morton - The Assassins pull a switch and then as one of them puts a foreign object in their mask, Billy Robinson and Ken Lucas come out and attack them and beat them with the boards.
  7. INT: Billy Robinson & Ken Lucas
  8. INT: Bill Dundee - the CWA title is still Jerry Lawler's, as he was DQ’d in their match and it is not held up.  Paul Ellering had come out with Dundee, and was annoyed that Lance Russell didn’t call him out, and he feels that he is being overlooked by everyone.
  9. Bill Dundee & Paul Ellering vs Bill Smithson & Sugar Bear Harris - Ellering turns on Dundee, lays him out with a suplex and he is then pinned by Harris.
  10. INT: Paul Ellering, Jimmy Valiant & Jimmy Hart

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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