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Aired March 1, 1980 (Louisville Feed)

  1. Rick & Robert Gibson vs Buddy Wayne & David Oswald
  2. Sonny King & Shaft vs Billy Robinson & Ken Lucas (jip, from MSC)
  3. INT: Bill Dundee, Jimmy Valiant
  4. INT: Billy Robinson & Ken Lucas - they are the new Southern tag champions
  5. The Assassins vs Billy Robinson & Ken Lucas (jip, from MSC) - Tag title change
  6. INT: Jimmy Valiant
  7. David Schultz & Dennis Condrey vs Bill Dundee & Jimmy Valiant - mid-match Jimmy Hart & Paul Ellering come out and steal the crown
  8. INT: David Schultz & Dennis Condrey - incl clips of Schultz vs Robert Gibson from MSC where Condrey interfered and then Rick Gibson made the save, and also clips of Condrey vs Rick Gibson from MSC where Schultz interfered and then Robert saved.  They say they are not going anywhere until the Gibsons come out.  Rick comes out, but Schultz says he wants Robert.  Robert then comes out with Rick, and says he will go and get changed into his tights and will be back out.
  9. David Schultz vs Robert Gibson - Jimmy Hart comes out to scout Schultz & Dennis Condrey and interferes almost immediately.  Rick Gibson tries to save but Hart grabs him, and the heels double team and bloody up Robert.  After Rick finally gets free, Schultz & Condrey leave with Hart.
  10. INT: Jimmy Hart & Paul Ellering & Ali Hassan

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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