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1989-04-15-NWA-World Championship Wrestling


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National Wrestling Alliance

World Championship Wrestling

Aired April 15, 1989

Center Stage, Atlanta, GA

  1. INT: Dick Murdoch
  2. Bob Orton Jr. & Butch Reed (w/ Gary Hart) vs Dick Murdoch & Bucky Siegler - Hart challenges Murdoch just before the bout was due to begin to come and face them now, he accepts and replaced jobber Don Sanders in the match.  When Murdoch finally gets the tag in, the heels are DQ’d for continual double and triple teaming.  Great stuff.
  3. INT: Sting - is joined by Rick Steiner and then the Iron Sheik and his flagbearer Rip Morgan.  Jim Ross informs us that Sheik has challenged Sting for his TV title.
  4. Great Muta (w/ Gary Hart) vs Greg Evans
  5. Road Warriors vs Steve Williams & Mike Rotunda (clips, from Clash of the Champions VI)
  6. INT: Road Warriors
  7. Jack Victory (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs Randy Rose
  8. Rick Steiner (w/ Missy Hyatt) vs The Raider - Rick Steiner’s number one fan makes her first appearance as she comes and hugs Steiner as he is making his way around ringside.
  9. INT: Kevin Sullivan - is joined by Missy Hyatt and Rick Steiner, and when Sullivan insults Eddie Gilbert, Hyatt slaps him.  Sullivan says it is not the end of it and he will get them both.
  10. INT: Ric Flair
  11. Ricky Steamboat vs Ron Simmons
  12. INT: Jim Cornette - says that he and the Midnight Express are leaving the NWA.  Says that they have to get their heads straight, attitudes right and heal up their bodies, and then they will make a decision on what to do next.
  13. Lex Luger vs Tom Branch - after the match Luger confront Michael Hayes and challenges him there and then.  Hayes accepts and they brawl until the show goes off the air.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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