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United States Wrestling Association


Aired January 4, 1992

  1. Bart Sawyer vs The Shadow
  2. INT: Brian Christopher
  3. Doug Masters & Tony Falk vs The New Kids (Brian Christopher & Tony Williams)
  4. INT: Brian Christopher & Tony Williams
  5. Recap of the Moondogs vs Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller feud
  6. The Moondogs (w/ Richard Lee) vs Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller (from MSC)
  7. INT: Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller
  8. Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller vs The Sandman & Jeff Gaylord - The Moondogs attack Jarrett & Fuller and a wild brawl follows
  9. INT: Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller
  10. Recap of the tournament from MSC for a shot at Kamala’s title featuring Jerry Lawler, Jeff Gaylord and The Sandman
  11. INT: Jerry Lawler
  12. The Moondogs (w/ Richard Lee) vs Keith Haynes & Chris Frazier
  13. Tom Prichard & Miss Texas vs Tony Falk & C.J. (clips, from MSC)
  14. INT: Tony Falk & C.J.
  15. INT: Eddie Marlin
  16. INT: Koko.B.Ware
  17. Koko.B.Ware & The Candyman vs The Scorpion & The Shadow

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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