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Aired January 18, 1992

  1. Footage of an incredible brawl from Kennet, MO involving the Moondogs, Jeff Jarrett, Robert Fuller and Jerry Lawler - this is the start of Lawler replacing Fuller in the feud
  2. INT: Robert Fuller
  3. Robert Fuller vs J.R. Alzado
  4. INT: Koko.B.Ware
  5. INT: Dennis Coraluzzo & Kamala
  6. INT: Richard Lee
  7. The Moondogs (w/ Richard Lee) vs Dezra Hayes & Ricky Hutchins - with more post-match brutality
  8. Lumberjack Strap Match: Doug Master vs Bart Sawyer (clips, from MSC)
  9. INT: Tom Prichard, Bart Sawyer, Tony Anthony & Miss Texas - they are joined by Doug Masters, Eric Embry, Tony Falk & C.J., who attack them with straps and run them off.  Eric Embry then makes an open challenge, and the faces answer it this time with them wielding straps.
  10. Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett vs Leatherface & Domino (w/ Nate the Rat)
  11. No DQ: Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller vs Moondogs (from MSC)
  12. INT: Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett - they bring out Ricky Hutchins and his badly welted up back
  13. Replay of the brawl from Kennet, MO

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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