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Aired November 8, 1980 (Louisville Feed)

  1. Eddie Gilbert vs David Oswald
  2. INT: Tommy Marlin
  3. Billy Robinson vs Guy Mitchell (jip, from Tupelo, MS)
  4. INT: Billy Robinson - he brings out Eddie Marlin with him and says that he wants Guy Mitchell at the earliest possible opportunity so he can prove he doesn’t have to cheat to beat anyone.
  5. INT: Billy Robinson - announces that Eddie Marline has arranged the rematch for today’s show.
  6. INT: Guy Mitchell & Jimmy Hart - Mitchell comes out with his arm in a sling claiming a fractured and dislocated shoulder.  Billy Robinson gets out the ring to confront Mitchell, but the moment his back is turned Mitchell takes off the sling and jumps him.  They brawl until a number of wrestlers come out and separate them.
  7. INT: Eddie Marlin & Billy Robinson - Marlin promises Robinson that he will get to face Guy Mitchell and if Mitchell doesn’t face him, then he will be through with the promotion.
  8. Ken Lucas & Ricky Morton vs The Angel & David McGee
  9. INT: Tommy Rich & Jimmy Hart - re. the upcoming Southern title defense where the challenger has not been announced yet.  He says that when he was here previously that he only ever got one title shot and that it was always Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee and Jimmy Valiant that got them.  Now that he is champion, things are going to change and he’s going to give up and comers, the likes of Ricky Morton, Eddie Gilbert and Cecil Hedge, a shot.  Rich and Hart have a helmet with a bunch of names in and so that everything is above board and fair and square, they ask Lance Russell to pick a name out of the helmet; he picks Tony Boyles.
  10. Tommy Rich (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs Tony Boyles
  11. Lance Russell and Dave Brown are talking at the commentary desk and say how everything was all above board, they then check the helmet and see that every piece of paper had the name Tony Boyles on it.
  12. Bobby Eaton & Dr Bill Irwin & Larry Latham & Jimmy Hart vs Bill Dundee & Jimmy Valiant & Robert Gibson & Carl Fergie
  13. INT: Tommy Rich

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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