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Aired January 3, 1981 (Louisville Feed)

  1. David Oswald vs Tom Maley
  2. Clips of various Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee matches from throughout the years
  3. INT: Jerry Lawler
  4. Charles' Hair vs Loser of the Fall Leaves Town, Handicap Match: Tony Charles (w/ Jerry Lawler) vs Bobby Eaton & Jimmy Hart (w/ Dream Machine) (from MSC) - only the pre-match is shown, where Lawler and Machine start fighting before the match has even began, and Eddie Marlin ends up coming out and sends them both to the back.
  5. The Angel & Tony Russo (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs Tommy Gilbert & Carl Fergie
  6. Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs Blonde Bombers (Larry Latham & Wayne Farris) (w/ Danny Davis) - clips of the concession stand brawl from Tupelo, MS, followed by clips of a rematch between the two teams from MSC.
  7. The Angel & Tony Russo (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs Tommy Gilbert & Carl Fergie
  8. Jerry Lawler music video
  9. The Angel & Tony Russo (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs Tommy Gilbert & Carl Fergie
  10. INT: Jimmy Hart & Dream Machine - best localized promo ever!

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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