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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired April 4, 1992

Knoxville Civic Coliseum, Knoxville, TN

  1. Dixie Dy-No-Mite vs Barry Horowitz
  2. INT: Bob Armstrong - he wants to talk to everyone about the problem of drug abuse, and that we’re here to fight against drugs and that SMW is definitely against the drug called steroids.  Says how some of the promoters believe you have to look like a statue on top of the mountain, but we don’t believe it’s how a man looks that counts, we believe it’s what he can do in the ring.  As long as he can wrestle, he has a place in SMW.  We want to tell all the children to ‘say no to drugs’ and we intend to fight the drug abuse problem.  Don’t take the short cuts, hard work is the only answer and you’ll be much prouder when you get there!
  3. Tim Horner vs T.J. Travis
  4. INT: Tim Horner & Brian Lee & Robert Gibson
  5. INT: Jim Cornette - he’s had a lot of problems again this week, but gets them to play the tape.  Phil Rainey is outside one of Knoxville’s finest hotels, when Cornette appears and tells him to keep his voice down and hide the cameras he doesn’t want anything to go wrong this time.  He tells Rainey to follow him and hopes that he hasn’t blabbed again this week.  Cornette says that it is too dangerous to bring these guys out and Rainey can only stay a minute as they are training, always working and never relaxing.  Cornette opens the door in which they’re ‘training’, only to hear a number of female voices asking who he is, throwing their underwear at him and telling him to get out of here.  They shut the door on him, whilst Cornette thinks Rainey has done it again.  In the studio Bob Caudle is starting to doubt whether he has a team at all, but next week Cornette promises to have his team here live as their tournament match is scheduled.  He is going to tell commissioner Armstrong that he wants extra security, extra police and these fat, ugly, corn fed women to have seat belts on their chairs, as he’s afraid they’ll drool on them and the TV equipment and that they’ll all get electrocuted!
  6. INT: Killer Kyle - Bob Caudle asks him why he didn’t enter the SMW title tournament and what’s in the violin case?  Kyle says nothing before just walking off.
  7. Killer Kyle vs Keith Hart
  8. INT: Paul Orndorff - repeat from 3/7
  9. Tony Anthony (w/ Ron Wright) vs Paul Miller
  10. INT: Ron Wright - Wright is fed up with these no good, lying, hillbilly rasslin’ fans.  He’s given them several weeks to get their cheque books out and has even given them the address on TV for where to send their donations to for his hip and open heart surgery, but he’s received diddly squat.  Anthony tells him to calm down and not get upset because come May 15th it’s the Volunteer Slam, and the likes of Robert Gibson, Tim Horner and Brian Lee can’t beat him.  Lee comes out (and Wright quickly wheels himself out the way!) and says that he could beat him and hopes that they get to face each other in the tournament to see who the real man is.  Wright then says it’s a good job that Anthony is a good gentleman, otherwise he would have squashed him here in front of everyone.
  11. Recap from last week setting up the Brian Lee vs Dutch Mantel match
  12. Dutch Mantel vs Brian Lee - Tony Anthony runs out and nails Lee in the back with a chair just as he’s about to get in the ring.  He’s about to clock him again when Bob Armstrong shows up to stop him and ushers him back to the dressing room.  The old dear at the front is very vocal during this one, even offering the referee her glasses when he misses Mantel cheating.
  13. INT: Jim Cornette - he tells everybody who says they want wrestling like it used to be, get your butts to the Volunteer Slam in Knoxville, TN.  He’ll be there because it’s that damn important!
  14. INT: Bob Armstrong - says that if Jim Cornette doesn’t produce his surprise team here on TV next week they’re out of the tournament, if the Koloffs don’t pay their fine they are also out of the tournament,and Dirty White Boy is fined $500 for his actions attacking Brian Lee with the chair.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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