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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired April 11, 1992

Hancock County High School, Hancock Couty, TN

  1. Carl Styles is back and Bob Caudle asks Dutch Mantel where he’s been, but Dutch doesn’t want to talk about it.
  2. Bob Holly vs Ben Jordan
  3. INT: Ivan & Vladimir Koloff - they’ve paid the $500 fine and are glad to be back in Smoky Mountain wrestling and the tag team tournament.
  4. INT: Bob Armstrong - he has some important information.  The date of the Volunteer Slam has been changed, and will now be on May 22nd.  The reason for this change is because Bob has been deluged with cards, letters and phone calls from a Japanese organisation who are interested in coming and watching the crowning of the champion.  The promoters have got together and not only will the SMW Heavyweight title be decided that night, but so will the SMW tag team title as well and they will also be co-operating with the Japanese organisations so that they can exchange talent.. He also says that Paul Orndorff has been asking him why he doesn’t legalise the piledriver.  He doesn’t need to tell him anything and as the commissioner he decides what is legal, and for the time being, the piledriver is not.
  5. INT: The Fantastics & Tim Horner & Brian Lee
  6. Danny Davis & Joey Maggs vs Ivan & Vladimir Koloff - the Fantastics come to ringside towards the end of the match and interfere leading to the finish.
  7. Recap of the Brian Lee and Tony Anthony confrontation from last week
  8. INT: Ron Wright - he’s never been so disheartened!  A poor, old, crippled, feeble man, up in his years, having to take his heart and arthritic medicine and then Bob Armstrong fines him $500 (for their actions last week) and he now has to take generic medicine that doesn’t keep his heart in check like it did.  He says that Bob Armstrong and Smoky Mountain Wrestling are pulling a dirty trick and making it difficult for him, but he’s got the Dirty White Boy training and he’ll be ready for the Volunteer Slam.
  9. INT: Dixie Dy-No-Mite & Hector Guerrero & Paul Orndorff - both Dixie and Hector are happy to be wildcard entrants for the SMW title tournament and consider it an honour to be a part of it.  Paul Orndorff, however, considers it an insult.  He’s been all over the world, sold out buildings from the U.S. to Japan, has beaten Hulk Hogan , Ric Flair and everybody who is anybody in professional wrestling.  Bob Caudle says that he hasn’t wrestled in SMW enough as he has been all over the world and Orndorff says that’s the point, he has proven himself and shouldn’t have to come here to prove who the best is.  He then says that he could beat these guys (Hector and Dixie), even at the same time.  Guerrero tries to placate him, but Orndorff says that the people know he could beat either one of them.  Guerrero pushes him and Dy-No-Mite gets between them, then Caudle tells them if they want to settle it, do it in the ring.  Orndorff says he’ll settle it however he wants and is sick of all this garbage.  Bob Armstrong won’t let him use his piledriver whilst everyone else can use whatever they want?  He’s afraid he may hurt someone, well you’re dead right he’s going to hurt someone.  Hector says that talk is cheap and let’s do it in the ring, Orndorff says lets go and even challenges Dy-No-Mite to go with Guerrero. Great intensity from Orndorff here.
  10. Paul Orndorff vs Hector Guerrero - Orndorff rolls through on a Guerrero cross body block and hooks the tights for the pin.  Guerrero tries to argue the decision when Orndorff drills him with a left and then a piledriver.  Ben Jordan and then Reno Riggins come out, but both receive the piledriver treatment.  Joey Maggs is next but the same happens to him, and then Orndorff brings a chair into the ring and piledrivers Guerrero on that.  Finally Dixie Dy-No-Mite comes to check on Guerrero and Orndorff leaves. Great angle and segment, whilst Orndorff hits a mean looking piledriver for sure.
  11. Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Tom Prichard) (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Brad & Bart Batten - good little match and debut for the Bodies
  12. INT: Dutch Mantel & Jimmy Golden & Ron Wright
  13. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - they’re not here for the weather, the women or their health, they’re here for titles and money!

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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