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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired May 9, 1992

Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN

  1. Robert Gibson vs Barry Horowitz - Jimmy Golden provides commentary for this match
  2. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - Cornette is getting sick of hearing people saying the Heavenly Bodies shouldn’t be the SMW tag team champions, aren’t good guys to be wearing titles and don’t represent the belts well.  He says that the Fantastics are not the white knights that people may believe and that he’s been to their home town and asked people about them, and what he’s found out is that the whole family is a bunch of trash.  Their father has never worked a day in his life, is a bum laying on the street with a whisky bottle begging for whatever pity he’s got.  Cornette is about to start on the Fulton’s mum when they interrupt the interview, quickly followed by Bob Armstrong.  Bobby Fulton says that he never let a man talk about his momma like that and if they’ve got the guts, get in the ring now.  Cornette says that they’ll do it for the belts, and whilst Bobby says that he is not ready to wrestle, they agree.  Bob Armstrong says that the match is already signed for the 22nd, but if they want to do it now let them do it, although it’s not officially signed and SMW is not responsible for the match.
  3. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs The Fantastics
  4. INT: Brian Lee & Bob Armstrong
  5. Heavenly Bodies vs The Fantastics - continuation of match.  Jackie has the sleeper on Lane and whilst the referee is dealing with Bobby and Prichard, Cornette nails him in the back with the tennis racket allowing the Bodies to get the pin and the titles.  The Bodies and Cornette continue to attack both after the match, concentrating on trying to injure Jackie until Robert Gibson, Dixie Dy-No-Mite and Brian Lee run in for the save.
  6. INT: Doug Furnas - he’s been tied up in Japan but was honoured to get the call from SMW and is looking forward to wrestling here.
  7. Doug Furnas vs Joe Cazana
  8. INT: Bob Armstrong & Hector Guerrero - Armstrong confirms to Hector that as long as he’s commissioner, the piledriver will remain illegal.  They’re joined by Paul Orndorff who says that it’s absurd to outlaw the move as he’s beaten every named wrestler in the world with it, and that if Guerrero isn’t man enough to take it, he shouldn’t be here.  Guerrero says that he wants the match and Armstrong says that as soon as he’s released by the doctors, he’ll have it.  Tim Horner then interjects himself, and tells Orndorff if he wants to jump on someone healthy, jump on him.  Orndorff says that he will on the 22nd.
  9. Tony Anthony vs Ben Jordan
  10. INT: Dixie Dy-No-Mite
  11. INT: Brian Lee
  12. Buddy Landell vs Danny Davis
  13. INT: Buddy Landell - says he’s going to rip Brian Lee’s head off and dump in his neck come the Volunteer Slam.  It doesn’t matter who he will face in the tournament because he’ll beat them all up.
  14. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies
  15. INT: Bob Armstrong - he’s offered Bobby Fulton the chance of having different partners but he doesn’t want anyone other than his brother.  He also states that as all four men volunteered to go into that non-sanctioned match, he has to declare that the Heavenly Bodies are the tag team champions.  Bobby Fulton joins him and says that he is about to take his brother to the hospital, however when they get back they’re coming for Cornette and the Bodies.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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