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Aired April 11, 1981 (Louisville Feed)

  1. INT: Jimmy Hart - a teary eyed Hart tell’s Jerry Lawler he is finished.  He says Lawler has gone through all of his men, says that Lawler is the better man and whilst he will miss travelling to all the places, confirms that he is done.  He then apologises to the fans for all his actions.
  2. Stipulated Handicap Match: Jerry Lawler vs Gypsy Joe & The Angel (w/ Jimmy Hart) (clips from MSC)
  3. INT: Jerry Lawler - says that no one feels any sympathy for Jimmy Hart and everyone is glad to see the back of him.
  4. INT: Bill Dundee, Jerry Lawler
  5. Bounty Hunters (w/ Jimmy Kent) vs Jerry Lawler & Koko Ware - Koko gets piledriven and is laid out on the floor.  Kent intereferes and the heels get DQ’d, and then The Turk & El Toro along with Jimmy Hart come out and they all attack Lawler.  Lawler is holding his own, but Dream Machine, Bill Dundee, David Price and some more faces come to help the King and the heels flee.
  6. INT: Jerry Lawler - he is going to get Jimmy Hart and "those two scum bags"
  7. Jerry Lawler vs Terry Funk music video
  8. Jimmy Hart seated above the ring: Jerry Lawler vs Dory Funk Jr (w/ Jimmy Hart) (clips, from MSC)
  9. Mr Onita & Masa Fuchi (w/ Tojo Yamamoto) vs Ron Sexton & David Price
  10. Bill Dundee & Dream Machine vs Mr Onita & Masa Fuchi (w/ Tojo Yamamoto) (jip, from MSC)
  11. The Turk & El Toro (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs Bill Dundee & Dream Machine
  12. INT: Dutch Mantel & Jimmy Hart, The Turk & El Toro & Jimmy Hart

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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