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Aired May 9, 1981 (Louisville Feed)

  1. INT: Bill Dundee & Dream Machine - Lance Russell announces that the authorities have decided that the Southern Tag Team titles have to be defended in Florida, and as a result, the tag title defense that was scheduled for Monday at the MSC has been moved to today’s TV show.
  2. INT: Jimmy Hart & Wayne Farris & Kevin Sullivan
  3. Bill Dundee & Dream Machine vs Wayne Farris & Kevin Sullivan (w/ Jimmy Hart)
  4. INT: Wayne Farris & Kevin Sullivan & Jimmy Hart
  5. Bounty Hunters (w/ Jimmy Kent) vs Koko Ware & Eddie Gilbert
  6. INT: Jimmy Hart - feels fantastic with the Southern tag belts back in his stable.  Jimmy Kent then joins Hart demanding interview time.  Lance Russell says that he is not scheduled, but Hart says that it is OK, but all he does after initially saying how much he looked up to him when he was at school, is start insulting his clothes and the way he looks.  Kent ends up decking Hart, breaks his glasses and tells him that this place isn’t big enough for both of us.
  7. Dutch Mantel vs David Price
  8. Mr Onita & Masa Fuchi (w/ Tojo Yamamoto) vs Roy Rodgers & Koko Ware
  9. INT: Jerry Lawler

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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