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xxxx-xx-xx-Gary Hart Shoot Interview (RF Video)


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RF Video

Gary Hart Shoot Interview

RF VIDEO takes you on a wonderful trip down memory lane with our newest exclusive shoot interview with one of wrestling's all time greatest managers, Playboy Gary Hart. An underrated booker, Hart earned his chops in wrestling working for Fritz Von Erich's World Class promotion and helped make that Texas territory one of the most exciting in wrestling history. Seeing everything first hand, Hart talked about all the big angles – including the night Terry Gordy slammed the cage door on Kerry Von Erich along with the hair match between the Von Erichs and Gino Hernandez and Chris Adams – and all the heartbreaking stories of the era. This is the perfect supplement for anyone who enjoyed the Heroes of World Class DVD.

Gary gives one of the most in-depth accounts of World Class on record and went into great detail on the lives, and passings, of each Von Erich. Emotionally powerful, this is a must-watch for any diehard fan of the Von Erichs, World Class, or the wrestling business in general. The information Hart gives just on the television production alone is invaluable as World Class was leaps and bounds ahead of the curve when it came to presentation. This is one shoot you will not want to miss!

Hart certainly didn't leave out anything from his legendary WCW run including working with Sting, Great Muta, Terry Funk, and Lex Luger, among others. This is the one shoot where J-Tex finally gets its due! Old school wrestling fans are going to want to drop whatever they are doing and watch this shoot interview immediately as Gary Hart has seen it all and is one of the few who are still here to talk about it. Bill Watts. Jim Barnett. Paul Boesch. Bruiser Brody. Hart even worked for Court Bauer's MLW! Like we said, we covered EVERYTHING. Don't miss out on one of RF VIDEO's most important releases of the year!/quote]

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A great interview and Hart comes across as an honest, upstanding, incredible guy and a tremendous guest.  A superb storyteller with a real good memory for dates, times etc and needless to say, a great mind for the business.  A straight shooter in that if he doesn’t like or respect someone he lets you know about it.  RF is poor again, for example he asks Hart about the plane crash, Hart doesn’t go into much depth and then it’s straight into his next scripted queation.  Something I had never heard before is how Al Perez was going to shoot on Ric Flair to win the World title and get a large contract.  One of the best shoots out there.

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