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xxxx-xx-xx-Face Off vol. 5: Queens of Extreme (RF Video)


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RF Video

Face Off vol. 5: Queens of Extreme (Tammy Sytch & Francine)

Tammy Sytch and Francine, two of the hottest, and most charismatic, wrestling valets of all time,are finally going sit down together for an unforgettable edition of RF Video's Face Off series! The Queens of Extreme, certainly a pair that beats any three of a kind, get down and dirty with a gossip session that is unrivaled on DVD and will have you engrossed with tales of deceit, stories of sexual deviance, and scandalous observations in the twisted world of wrestling coming from a most unique perspective.

An exciting mix of the old and the new, the Queens of Extreme discuss their entire careers: from the dirt and grime of the original ECW all the way through the glitz and fabricated glamour of the new ECW. You'll get the real scoop on all the dirt, all the rumors, and all the questions we've had over the years. What was it like for Francine to be back working around Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer? Tammy describes working for Vince McMahon and, for the first time ever, gets asked POINT BLANK about their being any "Sunny days" with Bret Hart. Did either of the girls get "Franchised" by Shane Douglas? No question of off limits with two of the most candid women in the business! They even played along with F***, Marry, Kill, and you won't believe what they answered!

ECW, WWE Divas, TNA Knockouts, the shocking segments with Tammy on TNN, life on the road, Ashley Massaro, Tammy being dropped by 911 at Hardcore Homecoming, the death of Bam Bam Bigelow, Missy Hyatt, and so much more are covered in this incredible shoot! We cover the past, present, and future of two of wrestling's biggest female stars. Don't miss out one of the HOTTEST DVDs of the year!

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Fairly pleasant shoot and at times is like a couple of old girlfriends chatting.  Nothing really groundbreaking and Feinstein jumps back and forth with his questions with no apparent structure whatsoever.  He gets typically excited when they mention what girls have done adult work, and at one point just asks them directly “Who have you conquered in the wrestling business?”

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