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1986-09-20-CWA-TV (Evansville Feed)


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Continental Wrestling Association


Aired September 20, 1986 (Evansville Feed)

  1. Jerry Lawler vs Keith Roberson
  2. INT: Fire & Flame & The Torch
  3. Jerry Lawler vs Man Mountain Link (clips, from MSC)
  4. The Killer (w/ Kenny D) vs Eddie ‘Boss’ Winters
  5. The Hillbillys (Giant Hillbilly & Cousin Junior) vs The Red Demons
  6. Tracy Smothers & Paul Diamond music video
  7. Tracy Smothers & Paul Diamond vs Rough & Ready (w/ Boss Winters)
  8. Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto (w/ Tojo Yamamoto) vs Van Van Horne & Bear Thompson
  9. INT: Jerry Lawler & Paul Diamond
  10. Jeff Jarrett & Pat Tanaka vs Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto music video
  11. Jeff Jarrett & Pat Tanaka vs Fire & Flame (w/ The Torch) - the Japanese contingent come out and attack Jarrett & Tanaka with boards, and the Hillbillys come down to help them out and run them off.
  12. INT: Jeff Jarrett & Pat Tanaka
  13. Jeff Jarrett & Pat Tanaka vs Fire & Flame

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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