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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired June 13, 1992

Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, SC

  1. INT: Bob Armstrong - announces that the next big SMW event will be Summerblast ’92
  2. Robert Gibson vs Paul Lee
  3. INT: Jimmy Golden - tells Robert Gibson that he wants one more chance to face him in the ring.  Gibson says that he’s beaten him once and will do it again.
  4. Killer Kyle vs Tommy Angel
  5. INT: Danny Davis & Dixie Dy-No-Mite
  6. INT: Party Patrol
  7. Party Patrol vs Scott Sandlin & Joe Cazana
  8. Down & Dirty w/ Barry Horowitz - Dutch Mantel says that Barry has a lot of ability, talent, drive and ambition (unlike that goof Carl Styles who had previously and who is now institutionalized in a mental hospital.  He tried to make something out of Styles, but now wants to make something out of Horowitz and has researched his won/loss record which is currently 0-43.  Barry didn’t realise it was that many, he just thought it was 25 or 26, but Dutch says that record will change as he’s going to give him the knowledge, wisdom, know-how and skills to be a champion in SMW.
  9. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Ben Jordan & Joey Maggs
  10. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - Cornette says that all the women are drooling and they're liable to be electrocuted because they've been starved of real men for so long.  Lane says that he and Prichard have made calls to Sprint and AT & T and had their telephone numbers changed because the Fantastics girlfriends are calling them night and day begging them.  He knows that Jackie is a cripple, Bobby is impotent and that they haven't seen real men in a long time, but he implores them to stop ringing them, to call the 1-900 numbers instead and to leave the Heavenly Bodies alone.  Tom says it wouldn't be so bad of the Fantastics had a couple of good looking girls, but they remind him of all the disgusting, stinking, sweat hog pigs he sees here in the audience tonight. Good, funny promo.
  11. INT: Tim Horner - says that he is sick and tired of Buddy Landell and says the next time they get in the ring, if he can’t beat him, he’ll leave Smoky Mountain Wrestling.
  12. Rip Rogers vs Brian Lee - just as the match is about to start Ron Wright and Tony Anthony come to ringside and offer Rogers $2,000 to let Anthony take his place.  Before he leaves he attacks Lee and when Prime Time has the upper hand, it enables Anthony to jump him from behind and the match gets underway.  Wright passes Anthony some knux which he uses on Lee opening him up, before hiding them in his tights.  Hector Guerrero comes to ringside and gets up on the apron trying to tell the referee what happened.  Anthony goes over to him, Lee pulls the knux out of Anthony's tights, hits him with them, but the referee spots this and DQ's him.  Anthony is busted open and Lee continues to beat on him after the match, when Paul Orndorff, carrying a briefcase, comes to his aid and nails Lee with it.  Guerrero tries to help but Anthony ties him up by his tie and then hangs him over the top rope by it.  Scott Sandlin runs out but ends up on the receiving end of an awesome Orndorff piledriver.  Ben Jordan soon follows but he gets hit with Anthony's finisher for his trouble.  The two of them continue the attack on Lee and the show goes off the air just as Tim Horner, Dixie Dy-No-Mite and Robert Gibson hit the ring. Great post match action.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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