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1987-01-17-CWA-TV (Evansville Feed)


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Continental Wrestling Association


Aired January 17, 1987 (Evansville Feed)

  1. Jerry Lawler vs Tommy Rich (clips, from MSC) - Lawler throws fire at Rich and is jumped straight away by Austin Idol.
  2. Jerry Lawler vs Austin Idol (clips from MSC) - Lawler is posted by Tommy Rich and Idol and ends up leaving on a stretcher.
  3. INT: Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler - dressing room interview
  4. Fabulous Ones vs The Sheepherders (clips, from Tampa, FL) - the Sheepherders injure Stan Lane’s neck
  5. INT: Fabulous Ones - telephone interview
  6. Fabulous Ones vs The Sheepherders music video - Glenn Frey ‘The Heat Is On’
  7. INT: Lord Jonathan Boys, Rock ’n’ Roll RPMs
  8. INT: Soul Train Jones
  9. Soul Train Jones music video - James Brown 'Living in America’
  10. INT: Downtown Bruno & Big Bubba & Goliath & Boy Tony - incl. clips of Tracey Smothers doing some housework for Bruno and Boy Tony after losing the ‘valet for a day’ match.
  11. Big Bubba & Goliath & Boy Tony (w/ Downtown Bruno) vs John Paul & Ed Mattox & David Johnson - incl. pre-match Tracey Smothers interview
  12. Video clips of Jerry Blackwell's feats of strength (from the AWA)
  13. INT: Rock ’n’ Roll RPMs
  14. Rock ’n’ Roll RPMs vs Jerry Garmen & Benny Trailer
  15. INT: Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis - re. their upcoming ‘last chance’ match with the RPMs
  16. Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs The Red Demons - after the match Lord Jonathan Boyd comes out and distracts Travis and Jarrett who get jumped from behind by the Sheepherders.
  17. INT: Lord Jonathan Boys & The Sheepherders
  18. INT: Soul Train Jones, Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis
  19. The Sheepherders (Luke Williams & Butch Miller) (w/ Lord Jonathan Boyd) vs Randy & Robert Bryant

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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