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1987-05-30-CWA-TV (Evansville Feed)


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Continental Wrestling Association


Aired May 30, 1987 (Evansville Feed)

  1. INT: Downtown Bruno & Big Bubba & Goliath & Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka & Moondog Spot - Bruno praises Diamond & Tanaka & Spot but then calls Bubba & Goliath the biggest disappoitments he has seen, they then just leave the rest of the Downtown Connection and go to the back.
  2. Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka (w/ Downtown Bruno) vs Jim Jamison & Freezer Thompson
  3. Another recap of the Jerry Lawler vs Austin Idol Hair vs Hair Cage match from MSC
  4. INT: Jerry Lawler
  5. INT: Tommy Rich - claims that Jerry Lawler doesn’t have the guts to come and face him
  6. Tommy Rich vs John Paul - match doesn’t take place as before it starts an ‘old lady’ asks Rich for his autograph then blindsides him.  The ‘lady’ then reveals herself as Jerry Lawler in drag.
  7. INT: Austin Idol, Paul E. Dangerly & Tommy Rich
  8. INT: Tojo Yamamoto - says that Tony Burton looks like he is mentally retarded and he is mentally retarded like Jeff Jarrett!
  9. INT: Tony Burton & Jeff Jarrett - sit-down interview re. Tony’s upcoming match with Tojo Yamamoto
  10. INT: Jeff Jarrett - incl. video interview from Larry Nelson of the AWA who announces that Jeff Jarrett has been named the AWA Rookie of the Year.  Lance Russell presents the trophy to Jarrett and then Jack Hart shows up and gets into a verbal confrontation with Jeff.
  11. INT: Jerry Jarrett - promoting the wrestling school. He is interrupted by Downtown Bruno and Moondog Spot.  Spot attacks him with the bone. when JArrett says that he doesn't make the matches and can't give him what he wants.  Jeff Jarrett comes out to make the save, but then Spot attacks Jeff from behind.  Mark Starr and Billy Travis eventually run Spot and Bruno off.
  12. Moondog Spot (w/ Downtown Bruno) vs Ron Nations
  13. A discussion between Jeff Jarrett, Randy Hales and Lance Russell where Jarrett insists on having the title match take place with Moondog Spot before his defense in Las Vegas for the AWA.
  14. Billy Travis & Mark Starr vs Big Bubba & Goliath (w/ Downtown Bruno) - Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka interfere, but Diamond ends up hitting Goliath with a chair when Travis moves, leading to Bubba having a heated argument with Bruno.
  15. INT: Jeff Jarrett, Bill Dundee, Jerry Lawler
  16. INT: Downtown Bruno & Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka - Bruno says that he has fired Big Bubba & Goliath and wants Diamond & Tanaka to replace them in the match today.
  17. Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka (w/ Downtown Bruno) vs Mark Starr & Billy Travis

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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