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1987-06-06-CWA-Studio TV (Evansville Feed)


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Continental Wrestling Association

Studio TV

Aired June 6, 1987 (Evansville Feed)

  1. INT: Tony Burton
  2. INT: Tojo Yamamoto
  3. Billy Travis & Mark Starr vs Mr Shima & Mr Helo (w/ Tojo Yamamoto)
  4. INT: Paul E. Dangerly, Downtown Bruno
  5. Moondog Spot (w/ Downtown Bruno) vs Jeff Jarrett (highlights, from MSC)
  6. INT: Jeff Jarrett - is joined by Downtown Bruno & Moondog Spot.  Bruno challenges Jarrett to a title match against Spot and he can choose whatever stipulations he wants.  Despite Lance Russell trying to talk him out of it, Jarrett accepts and the stips are that if he wins then Bruno & Spot will have to leave town for one year.  Randy Hales then comes out and confirms that he will make the match.
  7. Mid-American title vs Spot Leaving Town for a Year: Jeff Jarrett vs Moondog Spot (w/ Downtown Bruno) -  Spot cheats to win by using his bone, and they then struggle to get the belt off Jarrett.
  8. INT: Jeff Jarrett - says that as champion he is automatically guaranteed a rematch, and wants that rematch today and calls out Randy Hales to get the match for him.  Downtown Bruno comes out with Hales and says that the only way he can get his return match is by putting up his hair.  Jeff is all for this despite Lance Russell telling him to think about it.  He accepts, but then Bruno says the return match wont be today.
  9. INT: Paul E. Dangerly - calls out Bill Dundee as he has a business offer to make him (Full version of what aired on the Arena show)
  10. Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs Jack Hart & Chic Donovan (w/ Paul E. Dangerly)
  11. INT: Billy Travis, Bill Dundee
  12. Recap of Big Bubba's problems with Downtown Bruno 

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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