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1988-01-02-CWA-TV (Evansville Feed)


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Continental Wrestling Association


Aired January 3, 1988 (Evansville Feed)

  1. INT: Hector Guerrero - announces that there will be a Mexican holiday celebration today
  2. INT: Jimmy Jack Funk - challenges Jerry Lawler
  3. Jimmy Jack Funk vs Benny Wilson
  4. INT: Hector Guerrero, Mark Guleen
  5. INT: Hector Guerrero - he brings out a piñata and says that he wants Lance Russell to hit the piñata so the candy falls out and they can give it to the kids.  Hector blindfolds Russell, hands him a stick and then gives him false directions as to where the piñata is, so Lance is just swinging aimlessly.  After a while he holds the piñata close to Lance’s head, tells him where it is, and as Lance hits the piñata the flour comes out and covers him.  Great segment.
  6. Handicap Match: Scott Hall vs Rough & Ready (w/ Boss Winters
  7. Teijho Khan vs David Wilson 
  8. INT: Bill Dundee
  9. Jeff Jarrett vs Hector Guerrero - Lance Russell (who had gone to the back to clean up) comes out and hands Jarrett some flour and he hits Guerrero with it, covering him in the process but ending up being disqualified
  10. Jeff Jarrett ‘The Poster’ advert
  11. INT: Jeff Jarrett, Bill Dundee, Jerry Lawler
  12. Billy Travis vs Nightmare #1 Ken Wayne
  13. The Governor of Tennessee makes a special presentation to Jerry Lawler

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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