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1989-07-29-NWA-World Championship Wrestling


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National Wrestling Alliance

World Championship Wrestling

Aired July 29, 1989

Center Stage, Atlanta, GA

  1. Rick & Scott Steiner (w/ Missy Hyatt) vs Ron Simmons & Iron Sheik
  2. Sting vs Bill Ford
  3. INT: Gary Hart - says that the NWA board have said that the TVtitle is held up, but it’s held by Gary Hart and that’s where it will stay until Sting or anyone else can beat the Great Muta.  If Sting wants the title he needs to come and try take it from Muta rather than go to the hierarchy of the NWA and beg to get the belt back.
  4. Brian Pillman vs Keith Steinborn
  5. INT: Mike Rotunda - says that he is the best scientific wrestler and challenges Steve Williams to a scientific match where punches and kicks are illegal.
  6. INT: Steve Williams - he accepts Rotunda’s challenge
  7. Rick Steamboat vs Big Jim Bryant
  8. INT: Lex Luger - says that he has welts all over his back from the chairshots Rick Steamboat gave him and this has only reinforced his stance that the Dragon will never get a no DQ match with him.
  9. Skyscapers & Norman the Lunatic (w/ Teddy Long) vs Tommy & Johnny & Davey Rich
  10. Ric Flair vs Terry Funk post-match action from the Great American Bash
  11. INT: Terry Funk - says that he took away Ric Flair’s pride and honour at the Great American Bash and that the only thing he didn’t take was the NWA World title, and that’s what he is going after.
  12. Great American Bash music highlight package - although it’s mainly of the entrances

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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