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United States Wrestling Association


Aired February 29, 1992

  1. Koko B. Ware vs Kamala (highlights, from MSC)
  2. The Fat Boys (Meat & Potatoes) vs The Invader & The Shadow
  3. INT: The Fat Boys - both are blown up and struggling to speak
  4. Brian Christopher vs Jim Steel
  5. INT: King Cobra
  6. Pat Tanaka (w/ DWG Kim) vs Eric Embry (clips, from MSC)
  7. INT: Eric Embry - post-match dressing room interview and Embry has a badly swollen eye courtesy of Tanaka’s kick
  8. INT: Pat Tanaka & DWG
  9. Pat Tanaka (w/ DWG Kim) vs Tony Falk (w/ Miss Jennifer)
  10. Jerry Lawler & Junkyard Dog & Jeff Jarrett vs The Moondogs & Big Black Dog (w/ Richard Lee) (from MSC) - wild brawl
  11. INT: Richard Lee & The Moondogs - post-match dressing room interview
  12. INT: Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett
  13. INT: Nurse Kratchett & Dr Death
  14. Dr Death (w/ Nurse Kratchett) vs Freezer Thompson
  15. The Moondogs (w/ Richard Lee) vs Trey Keller & Ruben Thomas - yet more post-match carnage
  16. INT: Richard Lee & The Moondogs
  17. INT: Koko B. Ware
  18. Recap of the six-man tag from MSC where the faces took out Big Black Dog

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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