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2000-02-13-WWF-Sunday Night Heat

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World Wrestling Federation

Sunday Night Heat

Aired February 13, 2000

Austin, TX

  1. Rodney changes the match board so Pete Gas is now facing Tazz instead of him
  2. D-Lo Brown (w/ Godfather & ho’s) vs Thrasher (w/ Mosh)
  3. Feature on HHH’s appearance on the show ‘Grown Ups’
  4. Viscera vs Sho Funaki
  5. Tazz confronts Pete Gas in the back and tells him he is getting choked out
  6. Big Bossman vs Mark Henry (w/ Mae Young)
  7. Rodney & Pete Gas change the match board so that now Joey Abs is facing Tazz
  8. Recap from Raw setting up the No Way Out Cactus Jack vs HHH main event
  9. Feature on The Rock on ‘Star Trek Voyager’
  10. Raw and Smackdown recaps - featuring The Radicalz’s turn on Cactus Jack, the return of Kane and HHH’s plan to divide and conquer the faces
  11. Tazz confronts Joey Abs in the urinals
  12. Gillberg vs Essa Rios (w/ Lita)
  13. Mean Street Posse - Tazz recap from throughout the show
  14. Joey Abs vs Tazz

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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