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1989-07-29-WWF-Superstars of Wrestling


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World Wrestling Federation

Superstars of Wrestling

Aired July 29, 1989 (Taped June 28, 1989)

Community War Memorial, Rochester, NY

  1. Hart Foundation vs Dave Coleman & Barry Horowitz
  2. WWF Update: recap of Dusty Rhodes and Big Bossman from last week’s show.  Dusty Rhodes says how he’s still got the nightstick and cuffs and if the Bossman wants his toys back, come and get them!
  3. Widow Maker vs Jim Chapel
  4. Brutus Beefcake vs Chuck Williams
  5. Mr Perfect vs Bill Wood
  6. INT: Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake - in vast contrast to the interviews leading up to Wrestlemania, these ones are awful with way too much talk and waffle on potions and cauldrons.
  7. Jimmy Snuka vs Iron Mike Sharpe
  8. Brother Love show w/ Andre the Giant & Bobby Heenan - they are joined by the Ultimate Warrior who says that when they eventually meet in the ring, he’ll beat him 1-2-3.  Prior to the Warrior coming out, Love was saying how we’d see the Warrior scared for the first time when he comes face to face with the Giant.
  9. Summerslam Report
  10. Powers of Pain (w/ Mr Fuji) vs John Weiss & Gary Wolfe
  11. INT: Honky Tonk Man & Jimmy Hart
  12. INT: Hulk Hogan
  13. INT: Randy Savage & Sensational Sherri

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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