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1989-08-19-WWF-Superstars of Wrestling


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World Wrestling Federation

Superstars of Wrestling

Aired August 19, 1989 (Taped July 18, 1989)

The Centrum, Worcester, MA

  1. Jacques & Raymond Rougeau (w/ Jimmy Hart & Rick Martel) vs Chuck Williams & Paul Van Dam
  2. WWF Update: recap of Ultimate Warrior vs Haku from Prime Time wrestling where Rick Rude jumped the Warrior post-match.
  3. Hillbilly Jim vs Chris Duffy
  4. Clip of Roddy Piper from Prime Time wrestling trying to ‘disinfect’ the area where Bobby Heenan used to be.
  5. Mr Perfect vs Mark Regan
  6. Hart Foundation vs Mitch Casey & Bill Spector
  7. INT: Randy Savage & Sensational Sherri & Zeus
  8. King Duggan vs Allen Kinsey
  9. Brother Love show w/ Bobby Heenan & Andre the Giant & Twin Towers & Slick - promoting the Summerslam six-man against Demolition & King Duggan
  10. Summerslam Report
  11. Widow Maker vs Gary Wolfe

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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