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1991-09-14-WWF-Superstars of Wrestling


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World Wrestling Federation

Superstars of Wrestling

Aired September 14, 1991 (Taped August 19, 1991)

Rochester War Memorial, Rochester, NY

  1. The Dragon vs Paul Perez
  2. Update: recap of the Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth wedding reception.
  3. Greg Valentine vs Scott Colantonio
  4. INT: some ‘soldier’ who says that Sgt. Slaughter in not thought of highly as he turned his back on his country whilst some of his friends went to war and fought for it.  They saw him get his butt kicked, and he got everything he deserved.
  5. Mountie (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs Ross Greenberg
  6. IRS vs Tony Diamond
  7. ‘Hulk Hogan: A Real American Story’ PPV advert
  8. INT: Hulk Hogan - says that every day since he won the World Title he gets asked the same question “What would happen if you and Ric Flair ever met in the ring?”  He says that Flair is the cream of the crop when it comes to top contenders, and now that he is in the WWF, he accepts Flair’s challenge as he has to know who the real World champion is.
  9. Natural Disasters (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs Brian Donahue & Mike Fury
  10. Jim Neidhart vs Brooklyn Brawler
  11. Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs Bill Pierce

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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