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1991-11-30-WWF-Superstars of Wrestling


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World Wrestling Federation

Superstars of Wrestling

Aired November 30, 1991 (Taped November 13, 1991)

New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT

  1. INT: Jack Tunney - he states that effective immediately, the King Cobra and all reptiles are banned from ringside and in addition, Randy Savage is to be reinstated immediately and a match between he and Jake Roberts is to be sanctioned at the earliest possible date which will be this ‘Tuesday in Texas’.
  2. INT: Jack Tunney - post the WWF title match from the Survivor Series. He says that the referee’s decision is final and cannot be challenged by him, but it is well within his authority to order a rematch at the earliest possible date, which will be this ‘Tuesday in Texas’, and he will be at ringside to ensure a fair and just outcome.
  3. Barbarian vs Mark Thomas
  4. Big Bossman vs Von Crus
  5. INT: Jake Roberts - says the snake you have to worry about is not the one in the bag
  6. INT: Randy Savage - incl. uncensored clip of the King Cobra biting his arm
  7. Ric Flair (w/ Mr Perfect) vs Glen Ruth
  8. Video of Gary Strydom helping out El Matador at the gym
  9. Recap of Sgt. Slaughter saving Jim Duggan from an attack by the Nasty Boys and Jimmy Hart on last week’s Wrestling Challenge
  10. Sgt. Slaughter & Jim Duggan vs Paul Perez & Dale Wolfe
  11. INT: Undertaker & Paul Bearer
  12. Davey Boy Smith vs Dave Wilson
  13. Repo Man vs Phil Apollo
  14. INT: Hulk Hogan

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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