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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired July 18, 1992

Polk County High School, Benton, TN

  1. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Fantastics - continuation of the match from last week’s show.  Prichard has the Figure Four on Jackie, when Bobby comes in the ring to help him and throws the referee out the ring.  The referee throws the match out and they all continue to fight and brawl after the bell.
  2. Contract signing for The Fantastics vs Heavenly Bodies match at Fire on the Mountain - Bob Armstrong is conducting the signing and says that since these two teams started wrestling each other we've had more trouble than anybody we've had trouble with before.  If they're not fighting in the ring, it's in the parking lot, in an area where they shouldn't be, in the crowd etc.  He says that on August 8th he's going to solve the two problems that these teams face, in that they will not stay in the ring and that Jim Cornette interferes in every match (a statement that Cornette vehemently denies).  He plans to do this by surrounding the ring in barbed wire and then by barring Cornette from ringside.  Cornette isn't happy about this and says that he's watched Armstrong stack the deck against his men for long enough, trying to get the belts off them and run them out of town and he won't stand for it anymore.  He's got lawyers and with this being America you can sue anybody over anything, he'll call one of them and get this tied up in court for so long that Armstrong will be dead before it's settled.  Bobby Fulton then has an idea and whispers something to Armstrong.  He makes one further stipulation to the match, and he will allow Jim Cornette to come to ringside, but he'll be the special referee for the bout.  Cornette is even less happy, getting on his knees and begging not for this before throwing a temper tantrum in the ring.
  3. INT: Brian Lee, The Fantastics
  4. Recap of Brad & Bart Batten vs Paul Orndorff & Tony Anthony from last week
  5. INT: Brian Lee - he has been to commissioner Armstrong over the problem he has been having with the Dirty White Boy and has signed a match against him with the title belt on the line where if he wins, the Dirty White Boy has to leave SMW.  Tony Anthony comes out, soon followed by Bob Armstrong, and says this is stupid, what is this garbage?  They start pushing each other and Armstrong tells them to keep it in the ring.  Anthony claims that it is not right and that Lee is a coward hiding by Armstrong, who then confirms if he loses, he’s out of here.
  6. Down & Dirty w/ Jimmy Golden - Dutch introduces him as a great scientific wrestler.  He says that Golden has a problem with Robert Gibson and that they both agree he is a moron, a mental deficient, a cheat, a liar and that he moans and groans!  Golden says that they tried to fine him, claiming he hit Gibson with a foreign object, but he doesn’t need anything to beat him.  Gibson then comes to the ring and as he takes off his shirt Golden strikes him, and a match between the two commences.
  7. Jimmy Golden vs Robert Gibson - Dutch is great again on commentary wondering why Bob Armstrong isn’t fining Gibson for interrupting his segment.  Gibson hits the bulldog on Golden when Robert Fuller comes out to break up the pin and attack him.  The two of them beat on him with Fuller’s cowboy boot and belt leaving him lying in the ring.
  8. Tim Horner vs Gary Scott
  9. INT: Tim Horner - says he’s tired of Buddy Landell and everything between them has come to a head.  He proposes an “I Quit”’ match to him, where the only way you can win is by making your opponent say “I Quit”, claiming these words aren’t in his vocabulary because “a winner never quits and a quitter never wins.”  He’s going to beat Landell and urges him  to put his name on the line.
  10. Recap of Danny Davis vs Killer Kyle from last week and the post-match action
  11. INT: Dixie Dy-No-Mite - says he felt the wrath of the violin case last week and knows that there is something inside of it.  He has been to the promotion and they said if he want to know what is in there, sign a match with his mask on the line versus opening the violin case.  He wants to know, so he signed for the match.
  12. Mask vs Opening the Violin Case: Dixie Dy-No-Mite vs Killer Kyle - Dy-No-Mite gets the pin and opens the violin case, only for a roll of tape to fall out of it.  Kyle jumps Dixie and ties him to the top rope with the tape, before wrapping more of it around his fist.  He pummels on Dy-No-Mite in the corner before Tim Horner and Danny Davis come out to make the save.
  13. INT: Tony Anthony, Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies
  14. INT: Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller - Golden tells Gibson to keep his nose out of his business or he’ll chop it off

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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